How do I use olive leaf

How do I use olive leaf

The olive tree of permanent trees are evergreen perennial trees have been mentioned in the Koran, and the olive tree give the fruits of the olive and the era when these fruits give Zeta blessed to eat and is used to cure all diseases. At the mention of the olive tree there is a permanent olive leaf evergreen they have the largest share in use in the healing of many diseases, and mention of the benefits of olive leaf ability to cure diabetes and symptoms of cold and flu, and cases of high blood pressure, and relieve cholesterol and food poisoning and help him address the gums and strengthen and are described to flush out the abdomen and a lot of benefits that are not and gases are countless, but each disease there is a way even used to address the disease.

Use olive leaf green: If we have an olive tree in the house we are picking olive leaf, and we are picking small leaves and medium because the interest is very high, and is washed well we chew well olive leaves, we will find there bitterness and duration of chewing olive leaves five Dqiq renewed three times and chewing is useful for treating inflammation and strengthen Alltho to get rid of the bad smell, and placed on the inflamed tooth and relieve his pain.

Another way to use paper olive green is when picking the amount of olive leaves, we wash them well and then we boil water for an hour or an hour and a half until it turns the color of the water to the yellow, and after it cools boiled olives, we fill it Bakninh and is drinking it once on an empty stomach before the food is very useful for cases of cholesterol and abdominal gases and blood pressure.

Use olive leaf dry: The harvest land of olive leaves and wash well and is boiled with water for an hour and then we leave boiled olive paper to cool and then be taken up in the morning daily by cup, on an empty stomach dry Valorq has a very high interest rates more than olive leaf green and uses in the treatment of diabetes and take the stage to improve treatment for fourteen days, and after this period during the month, you will notice the difference a good condition to continue to drink boiled olive leaf dry with a yellow color. In cases of flu and cold and others are grinding Leaved olive dry and are placed in a blender until smooth flour paper olive and every tablespoon of flour olive paper mixed with a spoonful of honey and twice eaten per day and can be added also to soups for treatment, such as these diseases if they had trouble swallowing.


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