How do I use pomegranate peel Lye

How do I use pomegranate peel Lye


  • 1 pomegranate peel lotion for the vagina 1.1 pomegranate peel lotion and alum 1.2 Lotion pomegranate peel before intercourse 1.3 Tips during the use of lye
  • 1.1 pomegranate peel lotion and alum
  • 1.2 Lotion pomegranate peel before intercourse
  • 1.3 Tips during the use of lye
  • Video 2 ways to narrow the vagina

Pomegranate peel area vagina lotion

In addition to the uses of pomegranate peel in hair and skin care, pomegranate peel and dry is widely used in the preparation of the vaginal area lotion, which helps the vagina lotion on this cleanse the region, and contributes significantly to the narrowing of the vaginal area dilated as a result of childbirth repeated, preferably consult a doctor before using lotion vagina, in case of vaginal infections or sensitive skin.

Pomegranate peel and alum lotion

Wash pomegranate peel to get rid of dust and impurities that may be stuck with, and dried using tissue cooking, and the uniqueness of peels of pomegranate in a large tray and leave it in a dry place exposed to direct sunlight and severe long hours during the day to dry completely, it is possible to leave abroad, taking care that the place is far away from different insects and rodents or susceptible to dust and dirt, and combine pomegranate peel dry and grind mill using a blender until transformed into a fine powder, along with pomegranate peel to grinded will need alum and a man dove Indian straight and coarse salt.

Put a liter of water in a saucepan and simmer until it reaches boiling, raises the amount of fire and leave the water to become tepid, melt similar from pomegranate peel amounts and alums and the rest of the ingredients, and stir well in water until it melts, and uses pomegranate peel lotion during the shower to wash the vaginal area , only the outer parts of the vagina, is used lye once a month.

Pomegranate peel lotion before intercourse

Milled pomegranate peel after being dried as in the previous method, and put a liter of water in a saucepan over medium heat, and remains so heated, and add a hot cup of Peel dry pomegranate powder, water, and remains on the fire to boil, and remove from the fire and left to become a warm room, and fined water from pomegranate powder using a cotton handkerchief, water and saves the liquidator in a clean tray machine gun, before intercourse the vaginal area sprayed from the outside Bmenkua pomegranate peel, then wash with lukewarm water.

Tips while using lye

  • The need to boil water before using it in the previous methods, in order to eliminate the bacteria and microbes that may be present in it.
  • Prevents the use of vaginal lotion in the work of an internal shower vagina, so as not to destroy the beneficial bacteria present in the vagina, may also result in vaginal infections or wound vaginal area and the occurrence of severe bleeding.
  • Lotion prevents the use of the vagina during the postpartum period after birth, or during the period of the menstrual cycle.

Video ways of narrowing the vagina

May accompany aging expansion of the vagina in women, how you can narrow it? :


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