How do I use the ring

How do I use the ring


  • 1 Definition of Circuit 1.1 Types of circuit
  • 1.1 Types of circuit
  • 2 Benefits of the ring
  • 3 How do I use the ring

Definition of Circuit

The ring is a kind of herbs that have a leg hollow, and radiating from this leg small branches, carries each of these branches at the end of long leaves serrated, and in the base of the leaves leg, flowers yellow color appears, then yellow flowers turn these to the fruits of the form centuries square, up the length of the century to ten Snimtrut and contain the seeds of these centuries shape resembles the form of the college, and have a color slant yellow to vegetables.

Types of circuit

There are two types of circuit; The ring with the color red, as it is called Horse Circuit, regular municipal ring with yellow color.

Benefits of the ring

English scientist Kleber said, speaking about the benefits of the ring and its importance, ". If you put all the drugs in the scales, and put the ring on the other side of the ring tipped"

  • It used the ring for the treatment of hemorrhoids disease.
  • It used the ring in milk yield when breastfeeding.
  • The ring is used to treat colic, asthma.
  • The ring is used for the treatment of constipation and sexual weakness.
  • The ring is used to treat sore throat, and get rid of the cough and expel phlegm.
  • The ring is considered an anti-spasm, and working on alert and activate the uterus, and working to strengthen the digestive system.
  • Due to the ring contain a lot of nutrients; It is considered a staple food for bleeding following childbirth, weight gain.

How do I use the ring

  • For the treatment of hemorrhoids and get rid of cough and phlegm; We cook Ahalbhma water, it is also in this case, working to soften the abdomen and cleaning the chest and throat.
  • If the ring mixing thoroughly with vinegar and Natroun, and I use Kdmad, it works on the analysis of the spleen tumor.
  • In case the ring has been mixed with honey; It is used in the form of toothpaste to eliminate acne and freckles of the face.
  • The use of the ring grinded to reduce the rate of sugar in the blood.
  • If the boiling ring; It becomes useful for the treatment of diarrhea, menstrual and indigestion urine.
  • Oil can be used as the ring to eliminate aging and germination of hair and strengthen.
  • To eliminate emaciated, weight gain, the ring is used as a drink.
  • You can grinded use the ring for the treatment of burns, relieve pain and get rid of their effects.
  • Boiled ring Lye uses the infected places cleft skin, it worked to heal and improve skin color.


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