How do we get drinking water

How do we get drinking water

Drinking water

Water is a union of two atoms of hydrogen with an atom of oxygen Vickl water molecule, which is one of the most important sources of life. Without water there is no life, man, animals and plants in dire need of the presence of water, and said God Almighty in His Holy Book: "We made from water everything neighborhood ", the body need water to be able to perform its functions to the fullest process of sweating and urination and other out of the body and therefore it needs a lot of water compensate for the shortage and provide it with salts necessary for human needs and minerals, and water forms many cases Vetoagd liquid situation such as sea water, rivers , swamps, springs, dams, ponds, valleys, and gas where water evaporates into the atmosphere and cause the humidity, and solid in the form of ice as in the polar regions, we must be careful in the way we get the water unfit for human consumption so as not to price of the incidence of diseases poisoning serious that it is possible to take the lives of human, and drinking water is pure water that is characterized by tasteless and no smell or color, and is subject to accurate and precise specifications and passes on the operations of many ways M Thoughtful and accurate treatment plant before being consumed to ensure it is safe and sound, in addition to the need to contain the amount of mineral salts necessary because it is one of the most important sources.

Way to get drinking water

  • Cleansing: Through this process, kill germs and microbes, minute, which cause many diseases and live organisms, so that heat is used to disinfect large quantities of water as check used in the treatment plants, and is done by exposing the water to boiling, and the second way they are where sterilization is added to the water in quantities necessary studies have been conducted and has effectively disinfect water and eliminate the bacteria and has several forms (liquid, gas, flour) chlorination.
  • Sedimentation: It is a water treatment process by removing sediment and suspended solids, and is the first human processes used to treat the water.
  • Filtration: is through the passage of water through the center containing pores to get rid of harmful substances and the relationship is this method of natural processes occurring in the layers of the earth when deposited rivers and rain to combine and thus impurities ratio muddying very few non-existent, unlike existing water in the sea The ocean where rainwater collects, and the ratio of the turbidity is very high, and used the nomination process after it is sedimentation process to remove all impurities.


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