How do we make boxes of paper

How do we make boxes of paper


  • 1 How to make boxes of paper 1.1 Materials and tools 1.2 Manufacturing Method 1.3 Ideas
  • 1.1 Materials and tools
  • 1.2 Manufacturing Method
  • 1.3 Ideas

How to make boxes of paper

For the manufacture of paper tray with paper cover we are going to need some tools and materials easy steps and simple.

Materials and tools

  • Paper preferably paper and cardboard solid somewhat colored by desire.

Manufacturing Method

To facilitate explanation of the action steps we draw the symbols on the edges of the external paper pencil Place the symbols a b c d on the edges of the paper.

  • Fold the paper in half so that the edges of the paper identical applies to each other, and in the middle of the paper where one halves characters press until the edges become smooth, and can use any weight to the pressure instead of smoothing the edge fingering place becomes smooth bending. In this plan, one character will apply to the other a b, c d, for example, if different arrangement is not a problem, place the symbols and e on the tip of the flexor paper.
  • Then again repeat step and bend the paper so that they become folded into four quarters, and touch the tip bending again the weight that you used previously.
  • Open the paper after a bend to return to the stage half the first step, then take one of the parties internal (party e) from the midpoint until quarter line, Atnha triangle shape to the inside. Do not forget to Tmless base small triangle formed by gravity.
  • Repeat the previous step on the opposite side, exactly between the mid-line paper line quarter (and the party).
  • Take a tip sheet (and will be one of the letters A, B, C or D) and then insert it into the inside to have formed a triangle adjacent to the triangle in the third step.
  • Repeat the command from the other party to match the triangle on the Mthelzq in the fourth step.
  • Fold the two triangles on each side so that you are the same rule, and repeat the step on the other side, and can nominate two triangles on behalf of him and, and, as the edges of the name of each one of them.
  • Fold the letter A B on the character and e, is formed to you in the middle pocket, cube-shaped limbs that Planing then you will be composed fingers.
  • Counterparty will remain open, place the cube on the table, near the open end located on the table so that the upper end consists of a new external triangle, do Ptmlessh heaviness, you'll find that the cube has begun to take shape, repeat step for the other.
  • Enter external triangles formers from the previous step to the near-formed pocket of each party.


  • You can use a strong paper decorated with one hand, one is formed with the first fund-sided and decorated second without frills.
  • You can use two cards to increase the thickness of the enclosure and can be papers Mokhtfatta colors and shapes to Taatnasaga together.
  • You can use the box office tools and even where garlic can be saved by, for example, for the kitchen, they will protect from moisture.


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