How do we make gift boxes

How do we make gift boxes


  • 1 How to make gift boxes 1.1 Materials and tools 1.2 tray shapes in two colors 1.3 tray newspapers
  • 1.1 Materials and tools
  • 1.2 tray shapes in two colors
  • 1.3 tray newspapers

How to make gift boxes

When you receive gifts sometimes want to keep the box for its beauty, which can be more than the beauty of the gift, but have you thought of before the extent of its value pack made by hand, if I knew that it presented to you with the gift may be made by yourself will become the same gift value double is also presented in your heart. In this article the way tray making beautiful gifts and proud of materials available at home is usually:

Materials and tools

  • a pair of scissors.
  • Lasq.
  • Gum cheap.
  • Paint machine gun, two colors Mtnasagan black and gold, for example, or black and silver, or red and white.
  • Newspapers.
  • Inch colorful.
  • White glue transparent.
  • paint brush.
  • Powder glossy.
  • An old chocolate box and empty.
  • White papers or any type and color.

Tray shapes and two colors

Bring an old tray newspapers put on the ground with spray paint, scissors, white papers, and start working:

  • Leaves in different ways to cut the heart, or star, or crescent, and do what you want forms, if you want to provide certain appropriate gift Choose forms close to the occasion, or create paper characters, the name of your friend who will receive the gift or date of birth if the festival birthday gift.
  • Spray paint the box and remember that you create colors shapes now choose the appropriate color of the base, and let it dry.
  • Put glue on cheap paper and paste it on the box, and quickly spray canister color paint the second, and start spraying the shapes and then Muffle the rest of the space.
  • Remove leaf shapes before they stick to completely dry glue.
  • Anoint the whole box transparent glue can now be sprayed Bamaa powder to earn a form and color coded, and choose the appropriate color Amaa color box.
  • You can attend thread of Alshaber and paste along the cover, and repeat step another string of Alshaber and Asanaa together form beating, where he will meet the mid-splitters Fasten a new thread of Alshaber and the same color as small Papunh and paste the glue in the middle of the box.

Newspapers tray

You will need to pack old scissors and glue transparent sheets of newspapers and paint brush, this method is easy and simple but you have made to someone who likes it will be suitable Antiquity room filled with ancient artifacts, and method of manufacture are as follows:

  • Cut newspapers to fit the size of the box, but slightly larger.
  • Place newsprint on one aspect of the box and anoint the brush-filled _boisth Balgra_ newspaper, softly and quietly anoint to avoid tearing the newspapers or change the form of ink.
  • Let it dry and then Create the same thing for the rest of the aspects of the box and also inside Glvha newspapers.
  • Then again painted the new face of glue to ensure consistency and aspects linked to some.


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