How do we receive the guests

How do we receive the guests


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guest reception

Welcome guests from the difficult situations faced by some people, especially those who started their lives again, Fastkabbal guests leave the first impression when visitors, so it's important interest in a well-style reception guests, to build a good and a great image and build a grainy reputation among the people. [1]

Methods of reception guests

There are a variety of methods and standards that help to leave a good impact in the hearts of visitors, namely: [2]

  • Get ready to welcome your guests before their arrival, put on the appropriate and beautiful clothes, and avoid their reception in home clothes, because these clothes suggest that you are not ready to meet them, or they have no value, or that their presence is grainy and Rgob at home.
  • It is better to evaluating you yourself open the door for your guests.
  • Make sure to clean your home permanently so as to avoid taking embarrass yourself in the event of the arrival of a guest sudden, you need attention special large clean your home when the arrival of someone for your visit, and Jhazee the bathroom in terms of providing Alvin and Bhkir clean, and make sure to that the bathroom is perfumed and clean.
  • Water the guests dates so that they all accept each other and avoid gathering of people there, including repulsion opinion, so do not be a cause of problems among them, or to have interviewees in your home a source of excitement tendencies among them, and turn a car graininess to visit repulsion hearts, and this point paint a bad image about you, and avoid people deal with you, or you can Zbba yourself the embarrassment of them.
  • Astqubla and your guests with a smile above your face Valaptsamp is the key to the hearts, they are also of the finest methods in dealing with individuals.
  • Sit your guests in a comfortable room to be a degree Take care of suitable room temperature for weather.
  • Leave room for guests to talk to them and Listen attentively and interesting, and avoid talking largely about your personal life, and your achievements.
  • If your guests are married do not call a guest evaluating single one, or summoned Aktrmen Single person with Gomaa married
  • Aatdhira of your guests if you misunderstood act without intent.

Hospitality assets

Some things to consider when you have guests: [3]

  • If anything spilled on the floor of the guest room or on the furniture, do not Taatzmra in front of them, but Astqubla situation with a smile nice and thin, and tell them you do not, and that what was good.
  • Akrami your guests: the feet of them hot or cold drinks, fruit, and if the date of the meal does not hesitate to invite them to eat the meal with you.
  • It is best to take their opinion in the drink, which they prefer.
  • Simplicity and plausibility are closer to the heart of what my feet artificiality so graciously by your home without Tklvi yourself, even seeing you for the people you are living in a high level of luxury.


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