How do you deal with Sagittarius

How do you deal with Sagittarius


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Born owners of Sagittarius between 22 October to 21 December, belongs the tower to the fire element, as it continued to rule the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in the zodiac, and ranked ninth in the zodiac, and is symbolized by the symbol Bowler, numbers luck are 3, 7, 9, 12, 21, and is characterized by baby boomers tower of being active and optimistic and love of change and exploration, as they love freedom and abandon them never, but they sometimes do not have the patient, and give a lot of promises that they can not abide by. [1]

General characteristics of Sagittarius

Enjoy the owner of the bow tower with lots of different qualities that affect his personality, which is of course not fixed recipes do not apply to all born in Sagittarius but differ among people, including: [2]

  • IQ: usually intelligent and creative and able to see the possibilities and risk, and is often preceded by others their thinking, making it difficult to fool.
  • Allambalh: You may be born Sagittarius sometimes careless and indifferent and this may endanger those around him, because of his love of risk.
  • Attention to those around him: bow cares a lot in the people around him, but he may face difficulty in showing this interest sometimes.
  • Honesty: Honest entirely, which makes it popular with those around him.
  • Brag about: it is often independent and confident of himself and optimistic, so what makes him boast himself.
  • Lack of patience: patience performs very fast, has become infected with anxiety, frustration and anger if the plan did not take place as arranged for her.
  • Attracting attention: likes to attract attention to him and be the focus of attention.
  • Hardness: You may lose control of himself sometimes say bad things annoying and harmful.
  • Vital: often vital and fun and friendly and open-minded.

How to deal with a man Sagittarius

Some might think that dealing with a bow man is sometimes difficult, but to identify the qualities will facilitate the process of communicating with him, he generally tends to calm, it could face a problem in expressing their feelings and share his thoughts, too often misunderstood by others and understand in another destination, and it can be dealt with easily if understood correctly by following a few tips, including: [3] [4]

  • Talk to him clearly and explicitly without resorting to the use of puzzles and Altmahaat; Because it is often misunderstood and understand his actions contrary to what he says and it meant.
  • Dealing with him patiently and quietly and stay away from the nerve so as not to have a reaction similar and starts to say the words of annoying.
  • Trust and show this is a clear confidence in his words and deeds and not to question him.
  • It must be given sufficient space to explore so do not feel obscurantism and restriction.
  • It tends to be present near the independent persons who enjoy lively, and even share with them new experiences and different adventures.
  • Respect for his choices for people; He likes to meet diverse people from different places.
  • Confidence in his opinions problem solving; It has the advantage of being a wise thought logical and comprehensive look at any position to help him solve problems.
  • When asked his advice preferably introduced, it gives appropriate and good advice explicitly and without hesitation, and does not give advice that the other person likes to hear only.
  • Run dialogues that stimulate thinking with him until he remains interested and gives the full focus of the conversation.
  • Lack of pressure on him to Bouh his feelings, he prefers not to do any act to him a sign of emotional commitment.
  • Prefers not to restrict the timetables for the performance of his duties, he can feel restrictive, which prefers to work in a flexible environment so that it fit with his plans.

How to deal with the girl Sagittarius

Sagittarius is often a girl fluent rhetoric and attractive, and have the desire to get the facts directly, especially if they relate to the task must be resolved, and mostly a problem will not face in communicating with them because it is an open and frank about their ideas and views and are able to easily share and can follow some tips Next to deal with them easily: [5] [6]

  • Understand their unwillingness to share some sensitive issues and things with others.
  • Respect for openness; They are often clear and say what you want to say directly.
  • He prefers not to tell them what they must do; She likes to have the opportunity enough to think about and explore solutions alone.
  • To estimate their views and feelings and explain it to them.
  • Confidence in its ability to solve problems and crisis management and not underestimate their ability to cope with stress and problems.
  • Estimating her curiosity and her love and constant quest for learning and the search for knowledge and exploration.
  • Should not be judgmental them based on their knowledge and circle of people around them and thus avoid identification; On the contrary, they are characterized by being social and experience new things like the pool where new friends after each experience, and are often able to get along with people of different personalities, which makes a variety of knowledge and the circle of people which are different from each other.
  • The people around them must be able to support them in their ambitions and dreams and help them overcome the challenges they face in order to achieve its objectives; They love presence near people who share the enthusiasm for life and knowledge.
  • Not to force them to settle in one place, sometimes you may encounter stability problems in one place because of her love for travel and mobility.
  • You should not attempt to control, or force them to do things you do not want them, they are strongly valued their independence and want to do all the things that you want freely.
  • Direct and frank communication with them will bother to run a lot of problems due to misunderstandings.
  • When you need someone to talk to him resorting to her, once telling her that there is dangerous and needs to be talked about, they will listen to him well.


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