How do you know that you have breast cancer

How do you know that you have breast cancer


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breast cancer

Breast cancer is a form of incidence of cancerous tumors that affect the breast area when especially women, and in a few cases in men, and shows usually the tumor in the milk glands or tubes that carry milk to the nipple, and with its growth and doubled its size is a solid mass of tissue that are malignant or benign, malignant tissue is working to destroy healthy tissue in the body and spread quickly with the ability to distinguish them move from one area to another within the body, making it difficult to control when not detected early. [1]

Form the incidence of breast cancer compared to other forms of cancer nearly three and twenty percent, and causes the deaths of about half a million people around the world each year, one of the leading causes of death for females around the world, and different rates of death, according to the nature of the cases and the timing of the discovery of the injury and geographical location of the situation, where mortality rates in less developed countries from developing countries, and in general, the mortality rates of breast cancer continues to decline due to spread awareness across the world and the development of campaigns treatments of tumors in general. [1]

Signs of breast cancer

This group of signs that Amkinka through which knowledge of breast cancer: [2]

  • First, you should pay attention to the feeling of a lump in the breast does not mean breast cancer necessarily, but it is the most prominent brand so you must contact your doctor and find out what needs to be followed, and that most of the blocks that appear in the breast are not cancerous.
  • Breast produces transparent or Mekrh blood fluids sometimes when the appearance of the tumor.
  • It changes the shape of the breast in general, where women may notice a change in the size or strength of the breast, or a change in the skin of the breast form in which they appear jagged areas or wrinkled approaching the form of orange peel, along with the appearance of redness on the skin surface.

Breast self-examination

Follow these steps to do so as self-examination of the breast: [3]

  • Periodic self-examination represents the first effective means of early detection and successful elimination final, so should every girl or lady did not go beyond the menopause that the examination periodically, where the examination depends essentially on the observation of changes in the breast.
  • The examination of women by standing in front of the mirror and note that there is a change in the mass of one side or the change in the shape of the nipple.
  • Raise the left hand and use the right hand to examine the left breast in a circular motion from the outside to the inside down to the nipple with a focus on the area between the armpit and breast and bottom of the armpit to note that there are no lumps swollen under the skin, and then gently pressing the nipple to make sure that there is no abnormal secretions. And repeat the process with the right side.
  • Re-examination in the same way but lie down on the back.

Breast cancer diagnosis

  • Using X-ray examination, this examination of the best tests in the detection of tumors.
  • Sonar beams (ultrasound) and the scan task more useful and it helps to know the type of cancer, if any, and be accurate detection, whatever the density of the breast tissue, and this type of examination is healthy because it does not expose the woman's body to radiation.
  • In case of secretions used examination of milk ducts.
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging, and this examination is complementary to the examination of the sonar waves, and a complementary examination using X-rays.
  • Examined by two types of needles them thicker.
  • Radioisotope imaging.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease, type and multi-treatment methods, namely:

  • Surgical treatment.
  • Chemotherapy treatment.
  • Hormone therapy.
  • Biological treatment.
  • Ultrasound therapy.
  • Treatment of alternative and complementary, and as well as psychological and emotional support, and treatment is either local or general form.


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