How do you know that you have cancer

How do you know that you have cancer


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Cancer is of this age the most important diseases, to spread dramatically in recent times and the inability to identify direct this disease cause, even the inability to stop its growth or treatment, because it is usually not detected at the time of late, except in some few cases, but must be taken into account that the more have been diagnosed with the disease in its infancy is easy to treat, in addition to the psychological state plays an important role in treatment.

Cancer is an expression refers to one of the diseases, which is characterized by the development of abnormal and abnormal cells multiply and divide without the ability to control, as it has the ability to penetrate and destroy the tissues of the body, natural, and Mzahmtha on the natural functions, cancer often has the ability to spread in all throughout the body, where he starts somewhere like lung and spread to invade the bones, liver and other organs and is called in this case malignant cancer passed down (in English: metastasic cancer). [1]

The tumors are a gathering of cells is abnormal is a clear-cut block, it is possible to be cancerous and malignant, or be benign cyst, and not all cancer has, for example, blood cancer is a tumor is the proliferation of cells in the blood without forming a block in a particular place. The cancer is divided into stages according to the extent of its spread in the body, which is the first stage of which is the cancer in his place and did not attack the tissues of the body around him, to the fourth stage where the cancer is spread to distant parts of the body. [2]

Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer does not give most people the symptoms or signs exclusively refer to this disease and, unfortunately, every complaint or symptom of cancer can be explained by diseases other harmless, so in the event of some of the symptoms, the physician should do more tests and evaluation, and adopt these signs and symptoms on the type of cancer and where it occurs, and these are some common symptoms that may occur with cancer in general as follows: [3] [4] [5] [6]

  • Shortness of breath, and anyone can feeling shortness of breath, but if it continues for a long time and unusually patient must see a doctor to evaluate his condition.
  • Chronic cough that lasts for more than a month, was accompanied by mixed blood sputum.
  • Anemia without any apparent reason.
  • Lumps in the breast or pus out of it.
  • Change in the nature of urination such as burning sensation during urination, or not to complete the process, or the feeling of salt to urinate frequently, or slow them.
  • Change in shape or texture, Oouhjm mole (aunt).
  • The descent of blood from the vagina in the schedule or unusual quantities.
  • Chronic itching, especially in the anal area and sensitive area.
  • Chronic headache does not improve and go away with the use of medicines.
  • Pain in the lower back and pelvis and a feeling of swelling within the abdomen for a long time.
  • Different hoarseness humans without reason.
  • Fatigue, extreme fatigue throughout the day even without exposure to stress obviously, chronically.
  • Night sweats severe.
  • The appearance of the abscess did not show any case of improvement or recovery.
  • Difficulty swallowing with a case of indigestion lasts in the long term in humans and continuously.
  • Weight loss dramatically and unexpectedly, where the body loses a lot of weight very quickly and abnormally This is one of the most features that predict the presence of cancer in the body.
  • The presence of solid tumors in the body, where these tumors appear in the chest areas, or in the neck or back, or testes where it is possible that these tumors cancerous and must be reviewed doctor immediately if you observed the presence of such tumors in the body because they are tumors natural as possible to predict the presence of cancer in the body.
  • Bleeding an unusual appearance in the body either from the nose or in the urine, or blood out with the stool, where bleeding is a manifestation of appearances that predict the presence of cancer in the body.
  • A change in the regularity of bowel movements in the body and the occurrence of cases of indigestion and the occurrence of a state of imbalance in the output and change in the size of the stool, and not feeling the completion of the output process.

Cancer treatment

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs kill cancer cells or slow their growth, and can be given some intravenous chemotherapy, others can use the pills, because chemical drugs are distributed to almost all parts of the body, so the disease is useful for metastatic cancer.

Also it uses radiation to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells, and can be used alone or with surgery or chemotherapy, and radiation therapy have access to X-rays, or sometimes by putting a "radioactive" inside the cancer to kill the seeds.

Of modern treatments are biological treatments that stimulate the immune system within the human body to eliminate these existing cancer cells anywhere, and most of these treatments are still under study. [7]

Cancer Prevention

There is no specific way to prevent the occurrence of cancer, but there are several ways to reduce the chance of cancer, including: [1]

  • stop smoking.
  • Eating healthy foods.
  • Lack of exposure to direct sunlight as long periods of time.
  • You do exercise most days of the week.
  • Maintain appropriate weight.
  • Do preventive and periodic tests of each period.

Through the indicators mentioned previously that the person discovers if he has symptoms of cancer or not so you should visit a doctor if there is any difference or change in the normal functioning of any part or any organ of the body, and the examination continuously, particularly in women, where Ms. that the periodic inspection to detect breast cancer if I felt the presence of any lump in the breast or chest, because studies have shown that cases of recovery in the first months of cancer cases are more cases of cancer late, and in the end, the cancer is a disease that can be cured from him, God willing.

Video symptoms of cancer

Watch the video to know the symptoms of cancer:


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