How Easyway pressed

How Easyway pressed


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Kabsa 2.1 Kabsa Saudi Arabia 2.2 Kabsa meat 2.3 Kabsa chicken
  • 2.1 Kabsa Saudi Arabia
  • 2.2 Kabsa meat
  • 2.3 Kabsa chicken

an introduction

Different Arab cultures different borders and places, have become habits and traditions are similar only in the boundaries of those areas, and become habits that relate to our lives vested in how to deal with others in different times and at different levels, and foods are part of the customs and traditions that became the title of the Arab nation addresses from east to the west, if you want to recognize the pattern of a society, to see how they prepare food, or how to deal with life in general, this is the only way to deal with them.

The family in general like to have more than Western snacks Arab food, which can be more healthy than others, but our attention quantity more than our quality has made our foods in most it is beneficial to the body at all, and this is what has been avoided by adding many of the elements that empower the body to eat foods in general, and to get the desired benefit of each meal.

Vary our food between the meat and vegetables and legumes, and more foods that Tsthoena especially in this cold climates are foods that contain a large percentage of fat, which gives warmth in the body, and provide him with energy that enables him to pursue today with all its important atmosphere was bad or cold.


Is considered Kabsa very famous foods in Arab circles, and loved by young and old, favored by men and women at all times of the day, it is a dish is very tasty and varied contains many delicious elements that help you reach the end of satiety, and the most important characteristic of a dish Kabsa prepared at home that the mother put him all the nutrients that it considers very useful for their children, and sit around all of the dining table makes the family feel comfortable and joy, the mother could be making an effort in this dish that requires many steps to prepare in order to be prepared in general, no wonder that this dish shows the exquisite taste at all times.

There are many ways to prepare Kabsa, and different ways depending on the customs and traditions that are followed by every society, although the original way in the preparation of this dish is the way the Gulf, The people of the Gulf are the people of Kabsa, and they first they have prepared in the banquet and wills and other

Kabsa Saudi Arabia

To prepare Kabsa Saudi Arabia should have available many spices specially prepared for Kabsa, and to prepare Kabsa Saudi Arabia will follow up the following way:


  • Kilo basmati rice.
  • Large onion.
  • Lemon.
  • Lemon dry.
  • Bay leaf.
  • Coarse black pepper.
  • garlic.
  • Tomatoes.
  • sauce.

How to prepare:

  • Wash rice well, and that the patron Taatrkih even slightly soaked to get rid of the starch, and drain.
  • Put the pressure on the suit until the fire heats a little oil, add the onion section long slices.
  • Cut the lemon into four large pieces equal, and put them over the onions.
  • Urban and tomato slice small pieces.
  • Add a big hanging from the sauce and pour over rice with onions, stirring to get the red light.
  • Put the Relenting cube chicken broth with a little margarine or butter as desired, and my broth, and then shut the Hilla for ten minutes to mature.
  • Prepare a serving dish, and parsley and lemon Nzinh section thin slices.

Kabsa meat

Attend Kabsa most of the time with meat, and the preparation you need to rib lamb or a large piece of red meat of the calf or other, and we Finely chop to cut a medium-sized, and we Bslq meat the way we know, where we cut onions small pieces, and put it on the fire, and then put the meat on it, and set up water on him, and shut him Hilla, it is preferable to use a suit pressure because it is faster to prepare, and when it reaches the meat to maturity left to drain beside the food, and when it becomes rice ready we put the meat on the side presentation tray or above directly, and eaten directly with the dish from power.

Kabsa chicken

It is used in the Levant, where he used a substitute for chicken meat in the preparation of a dish Kabsa, cut the chicken We start, and then carry out these steps:

  • Cut the onion slices with oil, and when Athmr little onion, add the lemon sauce and chicken, even take the red color and dries it all the water.
  • Add the rice and pour the marinade over the rice and chicken, and there are those who put the mold of fatty cheese, and from there used raisins with pepper dish, and these components due to personal you want to prepare this dish,.
  • Cover Hilla and tempered fire after the broth starts over the chicken and rice to boil, and leave until the rice absorbs the broth completely, then have reached the stage of maturity, and to make it seem tastier in terms of taste, you can Cuba salt added by the oil with coal in Hilla, where he gives smoke coal taste The smell of a very tasty dish, Bahina and healing.

You should be doing equipping in a different suit for rice, when cooked Valuation Pthmirh and then place him in the dish, so that the chicken remains retains its form and taste alike, if you want you can Tstamli many of the ingredients is already mentioned, and as we mentioned it depends on the overall taste in choose the quality of spices that you want you can use them in your dish, and Observe that many spices do not give you the result that you want, because there are some dry Kallimon may give the food a bit of bitterness and this does not want it on your plate at all.


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