How evolved Writing

How evolved Writing


Known writing as chiselled line and the Decree on any piece of either paper, or wood, or stone, is writing try to transfer ideas, images audio and feelings, opinions and events to the written language, ie, it re-encoding speech operative written written form.

How the evolution of writing

Writing has many tales with history through historical times, as the man whenever he lived in more has become more intelligent unit in creating new things and exploitation around him to remain always is the best and to acquire a beautiful and full life, and the stages of the writing are summarized as follows:

  • The first inscriptions in history were cuneiform inscriptions which is about drawing objects and engraved on the walls or slabs of clay and stone, metal and waxy, as the man what he wants with symbols carved, and appeared these inscriptions among the peoples of the Samaritans, Egyptians, Assyrians and Babylonians, do not know what he was thinking man in that time, but we are sure that he has started thinking about a way that preserves its history, culture and values, or that he wanted to generations that followed knows how to live as they lived, and this intelligent feature began to crystallize in the old man's mind.
  • Writing has evolved to form a better and began to know by writing soundtracks, which began to draw things that surround human life, and the predecessor paint on the mud and stone, metal and wax panels, it emerged this writing among peoples who lived in Mesopotamia, Syria and Iraq.
  • Jumped the evolution of writing a jump good after several passing years, go era cuneiform writing soundtracks to the era of hieroglyphic writing, the word means hieroglyphic sacred inscription, appeared this writing to the people of Egyptian pharaohs, and was marked by this writing that it has become writing understood all the different civilizations and characterized form the picture Vnakect birds and animals, the human body, and the tools used in that era, fruits and grains, are engraved on the stone and wood pieces, as these inscriptions are used on the walls of temples, tombs and stone tablets and wooden large, and indeed their civilization known because they wrote their history on the walls in my photos and decorations carved.
  • After a good development in hieroglyphic writing, writing has evolved to form better, as the paper material papyrus was invented and were able to write on it by ink, and hieroglyphic symbols have become simple and became a form close to the letters of the alphabet, and called this language by writing hieratic, it was used to write to write letters fast and documents of the State administration and law, all of which are written on papyrus and by ink.
  • Evolved writing after several centuries and became a form of the most beautiful and known alphabet, and passed letters of the alphabet through history many advantages and different name from the people of another, as marked by letters of the alphabet Ugaritic consisting of thirty characters in a language elaborate, where used in the areas of trade, administration and civil life, emerged this writing among the peoples of Syrian coast, the letters of the alphabet Phoenician, which appeared among the peoples of the coast of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, known by the Phoenicians, marked by the alphabet as easy in terms of writing, and that each letter of the alphabet different and distinct voice from the other characters, and to distinguish this writing moved the Romans to their people and modified some of the letters and they named the Latin alphabet, but the peoples of Mexico appeared to have the alphabet known writings Incas and Aztecs, used in documenting their history and save their genealogy.


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