How Hachtaj

How Hachtaj


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Work Hachtaj way

Used Hachtaj Twitter tag with a view to classification or add context to a tweet own, where used Alhastej to indicate that the user involved in the chat organization, or to indicate that cynical tweets, and the work of Alhastej must follow these steps: [1]

  • Sign in to Twitter.
  • Write a new tweet in a box "What's Happening?".
  • Writing "#" sign followed by the word immediately required hashtag or keyword phrase, eg #apple or #poll, then put Hachtaj the user's mark or use sign of her relationship with others Bngredat.
  • Clicking on the "Tweet" in order to send the user's own Tweet.

Tips When Using Alhastej

When using Alhastej in Twitter must take into account the following matters: [2]

  • Avoid using many of the signs Alhastej in one tweet, because the large number of Alhastej in the message or tweet makes it look strange and undesirable, this is advised to stick with an Hachtaj maximum of one.
  • Hachtaj work linked to what is published on Twitter, ie if the user sings about a particular subject it to choose the right word until he does Khachtaj.
  • Use Alhastej in common topics on Twitter, and to identify those topics must search in the left sidebar on "" or in the Search tab to sign the application "Twitter" on mobile.

Employment Alhashtaj

Alhastej uses the following things: [3]

  • Campaigns: can be used Alhastej to highlight the campaigns, for example, if the user is being contest, or a product to sell it displays create Hachtaj mark unique to each of these initiatives, and are generally advised to use Alhastej as much as possible, and adoption in the process of promoting tweets during the campaign.
  • Join the ongoing conversation: If the user is talking in a conversation on a wide range of related cultural movement or a news story spot, the addition Alhastej tag for this topic leads to a link Tweet broader conversation broader, meaning that Alhastej increase the opportunity to share a person event that cares.


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