How is eaten coconut

How is eaten coconut

Coconut tree

The coconut trees of the tropical trees that live in the country with a tropical climate, which abound cultivated in South Asia, especially the Philippines and India, where the coconuts are available in our markets at all times of the year, and at the same time, eating is famous so much in our country , as the fruits of the coconut have thick and stiff also colored brown crust, and eaten from the heart of the fruits of the coconut nut with a white color and wonderful water that is inside, and can eat the fruits of the coconut. At any time of the year. Where to eat the fruits of the coconut road easy where we break the outer shell and extract the white pulp and water or milk inside, can also be sprayed white pulp and used in cooking desserts, especially in winter, there is coconut in the markets in the form of spray coconut or coconut milk or coconut oil where coconut oil has two variations oil is used for cooking oil, and another is used for hair and body.

The benefits of the fruits of the coconut

  • The fruits of the coconut. Very useful for digestive disorders especially inflammation of the colon.
  • Coconuts contain anti-bacterial materials and viruses work so the fruits of the coconut to protect the body from disease.
  • Useful for patients with thyroid gland, where the fruits of the coconut is working to stimulate the metabolic processes in the body so the coconut helps to lose weight.
  • Used coconuts to treat AIDS HIV "AIDS".
  • Used coconuts to treat cancer in general disease.
  • The fruits of the coconut is working on the supply of energy in the body, particularly the winter and thus increases the activity of the body.
  • Water or milk, which is found inside the fruit is very useful and nutritious and can be added to juice and other fruit, especially with the added carrot juice tastes delicious and gorgeous color.
  • Oil can be extracted from the fruits of the coconut, which is very useful for moisturizing body soap and what the coconut enters in the manufacture of soap, cosmetics and oils Alhar.kma that many great, for example, the benefits of coconut oil has used coconut oil. In preventing the emergence of signs of aging, drink a spoon or two tablespoons of coconut oil per day helps reduce weight and promotes good cholesterol in the body, and coconut oil link good health.


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