How is the planting of olive tree

How is the planting of olive tree


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Olive Tree Planting

Planting olive tree digging a hole to put the olive plant therein; So it should be the same in the container size of the plant and graduated from the plant from the container, are checked roots, separated or cut any additional roots around, trimmed well, and then the plant placed olives in the hole, so that they are slightly elevated from the ground level, the soil above and placed roots by two centimeters, little and placed soil land placed above the plant, and a few of its neighboring soil, taking care not to add natural fertilizers or chemicals on the hole that has the cultivation of the plant in which, it must plant growth in the soil of natural fungal, Valadavat of fertilizers hinder root growth naturally in the soil.

Must also when the cultivation of olive trees do not put gravel and get rid of weeds around using the hand or one farm tools, especially in the early years when the trees are small and newly planted, and when irrigation trees can be used drip irrigation method, next to the trunk of the tree if planted in late the spring, but when it becomes hot air is dripping from the trunk at a distance of one and sixty centimeters, and then placed drip on the other side and is also a distance of sixty centimeters [1].

The distance between the trees

Should maintain the proper distance between the olive trees when planted in the orchard, so that they are 18 * 14, so as to allow light and air access is good for the tree, and if the crop had dried before should the spacing between the trees more, such as 24 * 24. Can take advantage of the natural rainfall to irrigate olive trees thus planted in early autumn, but be careful. Many of the water is the worst enemy of the olive tree, if it is heavy soil, or to hold too much water tends during the ongoing rainy period should be the improvement of drainage. [2]

The best time for the cultivation of olive tree

The best time for the cultivation of olive trees is the spring; So choose a good location, the system drainage is good, fair to sunlight, and protected from strong winds, and in the second year when the tree becomes larger are pruning the weak branches, and dead, cross and twigs in the spring, so allow light to reach other branches more. [ 3]


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