How is the process of maintaining the water resources

How is the process of maintaining the water resources


  • 1 stop water leakage
  • 2 change the wrong behaviors
  • 3 water conservation from pollution
  • 4 References

Stop water leakage

Can preserve water resources by reducing water leakage and should be initiated to stop water leaks in their homes, and be through verification of household appliances that use water, equipment and places of leakage, which can waste approximately 10.220 liters of water per year when water leakage at a rate of one drop per second, in addition to the rising costs of water bill, and sanitation, so we must work to solve this problem and stop it. [1]

Changing the wrong behaviors

Requires rationalization of water resources change wrong behaviors, including: [1]

  • Provision of water in the water cycle, through water for only four minutes wash, turn off the water while washing hair shampoo, during shaving, in addition to the non-use of the toilet waste basket.
  • Save water consumption in the kitchen, such as: drinking water from the refrigerator instead of letting the water faucet open until the water becomes cool, and dissolving the food in the refrigerator all night instead of melted hot water.
  • Save water consumption in the laundry area, and through the use of an appropriate level of water for the washing machine, or choose the appropriate Jehm load in the washing machine.
  • Provision of water outside the home, through the car wash with a bucket of water, or the use of commercial car wash, which recycles water user.
  • Save water by using hoses instead of sprinklers; To avoid evaporation.
  • Replacement of equipment that consumes water economic ones.
  • Open the tap at a rate of a little while washing your hands, being careful to close it while rubbing your hands, and open it again when you're done, and start washing them, apply also to clean teeth. [2]

Preservation of water pollution

Water is a natural and vital resource, which is the basis of life; So we must keep it from pollution to protect the environment through reducing the use of chemicals, which lead to water pollution, chemical the substances used in the cleaning of homes, vehicles, and objects flowing down the bank, and then go to the sewer system, and then go to the water supply and it considers this material is not good for animals, plants, and human; Therefore, you should replace chemicals natural ones do not pollute the environment. For example: Replace the home detergent mix water and vinegar, or soda, salt paste, or lemon juice, and in the absence of a good natural alternative is preferable to reduce the chemicals. [3]


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