How is the wastewater treatment

How is the wastewater treatment


  • 1 sewage treatment
  • 2 stages of the wastewater treatment health 2.1 treatment plants 2.2 household stations
  • 2.1 treatment plants
  • 2.2 household stations

Sewage water treatment

Sewage treatment is a process that purify and clean the waste water of pollutants and impurities, through a range of biological processes, physical and chemical; To become different without valid uses for human use, this process is very important; Due to water borne microbes cause various diseases, as well as spent on aquatic life if you reach the course of the sea or the river, as well as the bad smell and rot, so shall each State should Nzaamad provide sanitation to its citizens. In our article this will address the stages that are the wastewater treatment process.

Stages of sewage treatment

Treatment plants

Physical therapy or mechanical stage:

  • Filter: Filter relies on metal sieves for three stages pass through sewage; In order to get rid of all outstanding large objects, such as: bags, stones, and some of the living organisms, such as mice, and all of these residues are caused by the behavior of human wrong.
  • Sedimentation: The objective of this step is to get rid of everything that is organic and is stuck, where output is solid contaminants from water treated later anaerobically; For the production of biogas and natural fertilizer.
  • Skimming: a move that is where the disposal of all oils floating on the water surface.

Biological treatment or vital stage:

  • Ventilation: ventilation process that aims to get rid of the remaining organic matter in the water, through the analysis by aerobic bacteria that are Tkterha in ventilated oval basins shape, but this process consumes a lot of energy to the work of producing pumps for air currents.
  • Sedimentation: This step Unlike the previous step; Where they are disposed of through aerobic bacteria, and organic substances analyzed bacteria, and there are two types of sedimentation basins, including what is circular, some of which is rectangular; Where the aquarium depends on the type of user space and the amount of water.

Chemical treatment phase: At this stage, spayed treated water by chlorine and ultraviolet (UV); So as to prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria, which are added chemical processing units for the disposal of hazardous elements such as boron, with the addition of a special unit reduces the proportion of salts in the water; Where this unit works on the reverse Altnadkh system used in seawater desalination.

At home stations

Settling ponds: a more than one form of the basins of sedimentation, its target deposition all suspended solids in the water at the bottom of the basins, and then withdraw all materials and pollutants to the treatment of anaerobic plants for the production of gas and fertilizer, and used this system to reduce waste water pollution, and waste water as a prelude to re-use in agriculture . Wet surfaces: depend wet surfaces on the network of pipes that pour water in the layer stones are present at a depth of 1-3 meters, and then take advantage of them through agriculture over crops energy or crops decoration only, excess water go to sewage networks, and can be injected in private wells bring them back to the water basins of groundwater, can also be used in some industries, and the treated water is the source of water is very important in many countries.


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