How it works torrent

How it works torrent


  • 1 How to work on a torrent
  • 2 pros and cons of the torrent
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How to work on a torrent

Is your word of mouth program torrent files and information from more programs known, and was adopted during the year 2006l to be the main tool in this area, where it is purchased software, movies and e-books through it, and most of the segment of people prefer to use are university students category, while based work torrent on the principle of mobilizing information, and then followed by swarming and tracking so that collects small data from different locations at the same time and will then be collected, and this method is faster than if the collection of information from one location and the size of a large addition that does not entail any financial cost to its users. [1]

The pros and cons of the torrent

The torrent program, like other technological programs that involve the use of the pros and cons, the following explanation for both sides: [2]

Pros torrent:

  • Not to rely on a centralized system that controls the mechanism of transfer of information.
  • The absence of any problem in the event of interruption of Internet connection due to power outages or restart the computer, the work on the program will resume without the loss of the previous effort once you restart your computer.
  • Ability to download files quickly even though the speed of the Internet are slow.
  • Easy access to the files, and then download it.

Cons torrent:

  • Not the user's ability to download files in the absence of the so-called seeds intended by the presence of people working to download the required files to the network.
  • Not knowing the actual content of the file only after downloading and browsing content quickly, but can take the idea of ​​him through feedback to users about that file.
  • The fact that dealing with the torrent is the download and upload files in the same now, which means the need for quick Internet to achieve the desired speed.
  • Contention numbers of users who download the same file required hindering the downloading speed.

Download torrent program

Can not download the torrent program as in other programs in the manner typical, but there is a need to use the software download specialized, and there are two options of the tools used to download the first torrent download method of storage space on the Internet cloud software and the second by Elly can be installed on your computer, you then download software torrent, and here Ataan care to keep up to date antimalware program before visiting those sites, and the best sites that handles torrent download: [3]

  • The program is the best program download in the Czech Republic.
  • The Tixati program.
  • Program of the Transmission which is suitable for computers running the operating system mac.
  • The Deluge Torrent Software Program which is an open site on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix.
  • The program uTorrent also known as micro torrent is a small space and needs only 1 MB to download.
  • The Tribler program.
  • The Boxopus program needs to charge $ 1.50 weekly or monthly or annual $ 14.5 $ 50.
  • The Vuze program.
  • The BitComet program, but I said to calculate the popularity of both uTorrent and Transmission and Vuze and Tixati.


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