How powerful signal router

How powerful signal router


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  • 1.1 Router components
  • 1.2 signal booster router
  • 1.3 router ports


Called router Palmsar or router, and consists Web of thousands of routers, the router is a device that connects two or more networks to each other, and directs the data conversion between different fast networks, and transmits signals and frequencies are not wired for the Internet, allowing Internet user freedom to roam in the area It works out or at home without interruption of the Internet from a computer or mobile device.

Router components

  • RAM memory RAM, a temporary working memory, once you close this router loses all RAM contents.
  • RAM memory RAM is temporary NVRAM, ie that when you close the router does not lose its contents remain but retain them until the restart.
  • Read-only memory called flash FLASH, allow the work to upgrade the Software without removing the router, there is the operating Balroter system, can scan memory and re-programmed.
  • ROM ROM which allows to start the router and work, and start to quit BOOT.
  • Stored in the flash memory inside the operating system called FLASH LOS.

Signal booster router

During the curfew in the Internet area cut off the signal; So you must find the nearest place to the router to use the Internet, or signal booster and clamping the router so that engaging the Internet, and gives a signal farther away, and are strengthening the router signal in one of the following methods:

  • The most important step is to choose the right place to put the router in it, to get stronger Wi-Fi signal possible, can know the signal from the power of Wi-Fi icon located in the taskbar.
  • Choose the best types of routers, which is characterized by a high standard.
  • Away from electrical devices such as TV, fridge, radio and other electrical devices, because they affect the broadcast router and cause interference clear signal.
  • Use a device that supports wireless transmission, a device placed between the router point and the computer to increase the broadcast signal strength of the router, and preferably a strengthening of broadcasting and a router from the same company even Ihamla characteristics and advantages of the same by the company, thus there is a consistency between them.
  • There is a free program and small-sized so-called Xirrus Wifi Inspector This program contains useful features for routers, the best of these features to change the signal channels and choose the best frequency channel broadcast wifi.

Router ports

The number of router ports from different router to another, but the main ports are:

  • Power port, a port that conducts electricity from the wire to the router.
  • Console port: is the most important router ports; Because it is up and the yen router computer.
  • Serial ports: are the ports that enable us to connect with each other Roterin through the Serial ports.
  • Ethernet ports: the ports that are used to deliver the router to other devices.


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