How quickly boiled potatoes

How quickly boiled potatoes

How to cook potatoes

Boiled potatoes one easier to prepare dishes at all, since they do not need many steps to prepare them as most of the dishes, but rely on a simple cook process, usually used in the preparation of many other dishes, it can be a key component in the work of a power dishes or be according laterally with butter along with a grilled chicken dishes or any other type of meat, and adopt speed setting potato dish boiled on the size of the potatoes, the larger the berries smaller was the time required to boil them less, and if the berries are available large size can speed up the process by cutting the pills big into smaller pieces (halves or three) or even medium-sized cubes.


  • Six grains of small-sized potatoes, and are roughly the size of a large egg, though small-sized potato is not available you can use any other type you find potatoes, provided that you cut the pills into smaller pieces so do not take much longer during cooked.
  • The amount of lukewarm water is barely sufficient to submerge the potatoes, and should not increase the amount of water too much; Because it will take a long time until they begin to boil.
  • A large pinch of salt.
  • A large pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Sheet of bay leaves fresh.
  • Tablespoons of rosemary leaves, or you can put Gsnin of rosemary.
  • Three cloves of garlic.

How to prepare

  • Prepare potatoes for boiling and preferably wash them well, then Tthoha Bakecrha as it is, and you can cut into halves if the grains larger than mature as fast as you want.
  • Add potatoes to the saucepan appropriately sized.
  • Add a pinch of salt pinch of ground black pepper to the same fate; Because potatoes absorb different flavors Kalosvenjh, and thus add any type of spice to the water eventually reaches into the beads of potatoes.
  • Cloves garlic, cut into halves and then add it to the pot, and add as well as rosemary leaves and fresh bay leaf.
  • Add the amount of lukewarm water to the pot enough to submerge the potatoes, then place the saucepan over high heat and cover it until the water begins to boil.
  • Leave a saucepan over medium heat for fifteen to twenty minutes until cooked small potatoes, and you can make sure planted a thorn in maturity amid a berry fork and enter without any resistance.
  • Row potatoes and cut the garlic from the water well and leave the remains of rosemary and laurel leaves aside.
  • Feet potatoes and garlic on a stylish and convenient serving dish and you can add the amount of butter until it is hot melt above it as you can adorned with a few sheets of coriander or parsley.


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