How quickly Menendaa months

How quickly Menendaa months


  • 1 Use the search engine intelligently
  • 2 strong content
  • 3 interaction with other forums
  • 4 References

Use the search engine intelligently

You can get a blog or a famous forum by tapping and use it intelligently search engine, by using keywords or key used to search usually a smart way, integrating these words in the title and content published on the forum. [1]

You must also take into account in writing the most important words in the title first even better is rated words in the search engine; For example: The address: (a lawyer patent: seven things to look for), better than the title (seven things to look for when hiring a lawyer for the patent), must also be borne in mind that does not exceed the article title in the blog 120 characters in order to allow readers Bngrad easily article, as well as getting classified blog or forum in the search by typing the content of a useful and powerful engines, to increase the opportunity to link the sites of many publications by Dharmesh Shah, the founder and in charge of the technology company "inbound marketing software company". [1]

Writing strong content

Forum knows or blog as a Web site that contains posts published in chronological order reverse, and even the Forum would be a famous writer choosing topics and publications must attract readers and keep them, by offering the perspective of the blogger's unique on interesting topics interesting by readers, so be careful to take a lot of time to understand the topics and all matters related to blogs before you start writing the content. [2]

Interaction with other forums

Is the interaction with other forums of social ways that help in the famous Forum, in several ways, such as: writing important comments and appropriate forums famous in order to raise the curiosity of others around the Forum Profile, attracting followers, as well advised to respond to readers' comments in the forum Profile for increase the sense of welcome, respect, and attention and thus their participation to the forum with others and talk about it. [3]

You can also increase the interest of readers by blogger comments on the articles and common topics among people in the Forum Profile; Individuals like to see the book with each other, and to see how to respond to a person interested in the interaction of his opinion. [3]


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