How rainbow consists

How rainbow consists


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Arc colors or rain arc, one of the most beautiful landscapes that knows no boundaries; Where it can happen anywhere on the face of the earth, which is a natural phenomenon of physical science has been able to interpret, was the first to uncover the truth of the world (René Descartes) in 1637; As the light breaks and breaks down into its parts in a drop of rain, the rainbow appears in the rainy sunny days.

Rainbow consists of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo or dark blue, and violet in the order, these colors are the colors of the spectrum comprising the sunlight, refraction leads light to the decay of these colors seven revealing that the light of the sun is a mixture of colors merged together, it is important to mention that each color of these colors wavelength (over) different so each color appears separately from the other color.

Can be a rainbow of light moon shaped but rarely abnormal situations occur this phenomenon to the need for many conditions, the presence of the moon as a place in a moment of refraction of the light on a drop of rain, and the strength of the light; Where the human eye will not be able to see colors at night often for weakness.

How rainbow consists of?

The occurrence of this natural phenomenon must be the most important availability of two conditions, namely: the light of the sun first, second rain. Down with the light coming from the sun diagonally on a drop of water, it is known that the light in the event of his move from the center to another is different in density, it suffers refracts, it is reflected light after passing the inner surface of the water drop, and then walked until he came out again from the drop to the air Vinsr once again the difference in the two mediums as well, and the angle of refraction is now less sharp than 45 degrees.

Rainbow colors

The light is a multi-wavelengths group form the final color, different refraction of each wavelength from the other plants, thereby creating separate colors according to the previous arrangement mentioned, also different from the refraction of each wavelength according to the center located where coefficient varies arc size rainbow over the saturated ocean atoms with higher salinity of him over the land, for example.

Rainbow in mythology

Since ancient times, and because the rainbow is not a novel. People used to see him after the rain, it was meaningful to them, Vafterd people past that the gospel of the rain and hurricanes have stopped, which is logical, what that unfold the clouds to show the sun, some rain and be in the atmosphere so that the favorable opportunity to see him, but in Europe it believed that at the end of the rainbow there is gold waiting for them, and in Africa believed that the house that ascends the rainbow from him and they see Manzoor ominous snakes, and others see a bridge ascend to heaven.


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