How Roasting chickpeas

How Roasting chickpeas


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Is a type of grain, harvested and dried and then roasted, there it several types and several colors, hummus riches protein is characterized by more than meat, as it is rich in minerals and vitamins that benefit the body, as it is considered a full Gmaoua of the body and provide him with the necessary activity a full day of energy and it is considered the benefits known since ancient times as referred to by Arab doctors old and confirmed by modern medicine, vary the way in which the preparation and submission of chickpeas, there are Homs green is distortion, and Homs are dried and soaked to be crushed later by adding some Almtaibat to prepare a dish of chickpeas ground known in the Levant and there is a type of toasted chickpeas to produce chickpea flour, which is used extensively in Indian and Iraqi dishes, and another type of roasting chickpeas are nuts in which to prepare, or what is called (Alqdhamh).

Alhms origin Almhms

It is said that chickpeas, roasted and salted spread in Turkey, but all signs indicate that the origin of the Levant, where she was Alqdhamh little Ohaseg women and their songs and their evenings, varied roasted chickpeas SQ what is a lot of salt harsh and called (leblebi dry), and some of it is a little salt the average hardness is called (leblebi soft), it is picking chickpeas, dried and exposed to the sun for a whole which is placed in wooden boxes a week, and then roasts for ten minutes in the large private belts for roasting, and is repeated it on the sand for a week full with Tkulaibh constantly exposed to the sun until absorbed sand excess moisture from it, and is then washed and placed in wooden boxes to dry again for a week and graduated crust offshore it, and is roasted by adding a few of any kind of vegetable oil is light and exposed to heat and salted as desired, and then stored in wooden boxes and distributed to the shops to be sell it, and I will give you two ways madam roaster hummus at home easy steps:

Roasted chickpeas from Arabic cuisine

Bring a kilo of chickpeas love Anqaah with lukewarm water for a whole night, the next night my class water tablets chickpeas well, and have the option to remove the outer layers of the grain or kept, then Bring tray unfolded and put them a handkerchief from your kitchen and Unfold blotting paper on grain chickpeas to dry completely, and after to get rid of hummus moisture escape clause of blotting paper and put it over medium heat on the gas head with continuous stirring for ten minutes, add beans chickpeas tablespoon of soybean oil and a pinch of salt, preferably sea salt, toss well and put it in the oven at 150 ° C Atahmass completely with continuous stirring, and after it acquires hummus flavor roasting Imkkink cooled and kept in a glass portfolio and submit it when needed as a kind of nuts.

Roasted chickpeas from Indian cuisine

If not available, you have hummus love, you can replace canned chick peas and boiled washed and get rid of the outer shell and put it on blotting paper to dry completely and follow the way that suits you in the roasting.


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