How search engines work

How search engines work


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Search Engine

Is a software system is located on the web is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web, where these engines display results in line known as the results pages of results, and contain these results combined with information from different web pages, images, videos, and are now used most search engines operating method algorithm, most search engines are commercial projects and is achieved most of its profits from advertising.

Months search engines

  • يبكرولر WebCrawler.
  • Lycos Lycos.
  • Daum Daum.
  • Works Excite.
  • sapo vegetables.
  • Yahva Yahoo !.
  • Dvjbyly Dogpile.
  • Hot Pot HotBot.
  • آسك جيفيز Ask Jeeves.
  • Yandex Yandex.
  • Google Google.
  • QuickTime X Ixquick.
  • MSN MSN Search engine.
  • Jenny Nuez GenieKnows.
  • Nafyr Naver.
  • Baidu Baidu.
  • Akslid Exalead
  • زييف SCREEN.
  • Yasuo YaCy.

Search engines work mechanism

  • Engines are working on information for many storage of web pages, you get the engines on this information from creeping known as a spider web, and the Hinkpot index results on the search engine, the owner can search engine site that Astaad specific pages for various reasons by using a robots.txt file, which means robots exclusion protocol; Where this technique is used mostly to remove sites that contain malicious software or abrasive information for modesty.
  • The search engine analyzes content obtained from the World Wide Web; Where analyzed by one page; So as to find out how highly indexed to him again, then this is evidence of web pages are stored in a database in a search engine, and this data is used when you query them later.
  • The user process of querying a specific subject; Using keywords known as key words, search engine here and studying these words to provide the user with the results.

The evolution of search engines

  • The search Ashy engine is the first search engine, was designed in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety by a group of students of computer science who study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and the engine was based on loading lists of all the files directory in the file protocol.
  • Matthew Gray made the first robot on the Internet in one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three.
  • The first engine version of search on the Internet in the month of September of the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three at the University of Geneva, and the engine was carrying W3Catalog name.
  • Was launched in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight largest search engine for the world known as Google, which is still ranked among the top of the first high-quality search engines.


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