How the Internet began

How the Internet began


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The beginning of the Internet

The beginning of the Internet in the early days of computing innovation; It can be referred to as the beginning of the year 1965 where two computers create relate with each other by switch technology packets (in English: packet-switching), and in 1969, many researchers have developed the agency Advanced Research Projects Network of the US Department of Defense (ARPANET) protocols used to communicate over the Internet at the present time, as has a student in the same year trying to send a message from a computer University of California at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and in 1973 became a global communication possible, where communication between the University College London in England Foundation Royal Radar in Norway by ARPANET, and here was born the term Internet, [1] in 1974, Vinton cooperation Cerf with Stanford University in California and the US Agency for research projects (DARPA) to create a Transmission control Protocol (TCP), which has enabled many of the devices on networks of different around the world of routing data packets and assembled, this protocol includes the Internet Protocol (IP). [2]

The first commercial network

The commercial version of the first of ARPANET was in 1974, and known as Telenet, which is that the first Internet service provider (in English: Internet Service Provider), the first router or modem Vtm produced in the year 1977 effort, Dennis Hayes and Dale Hathrenjton, named (modem 80 -103A). [3]

Internet inventor

Thanks in the development of the initial concept that has evolved to the World Wide Web (in English: World Wide Web) to Leonard Kleinrock, where he wrote about one of the early computer networks ARPANET ARPANET (English: Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), also Kleinrock along with other innovators making the foundation on which the e-mails, and other means of communication such as Facebook and Twitter, which are shared messages and publications until today. [1]


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