How the Internet is used properly

How the Internet is used properly


  • 1 use of the Internet to communicate with others
  • 2 Use of the Internet to make money and work
  • 3 Use of the Internet to study
  • 4 References

Use of the Internet to communicate with others

You can use the global network Alantert to stay Twas and close family and friends and even co-workers, and to achieve this communication can use two technical Internet technologies are as follows: [1]

  • Social media: Creating an account on social networking sites Kalves Facebook, for example, allows people the ability to see their friends registered on Facebook and learn about their news and other conditions, can send e-mails through these social sites.
  • E-mail: e-mail service users to make it possible to create a separate personal account for each individual separately, which will allow them to send messages to anyone wishing to communicate with him, and should be noted that the e-mail service that use spread in the early nineties of the past century has caused a huge revolution in the mechanism of people communicate with each other.

Use of the Internet to make money and work

Can use the Internet to make a profit or to get a job through the following: [2]

  • Online sales: made possible through the Internet to earn more money by selling anything through this global network, Serving the Internet exists and permanently and for all those around the world can be marketing any commodity you sell and make sure you may wish to access this offer to the greatest people, as companies can advertise different products and select a specific category to target through this online advertising.
  • Working from home: where people who use the Internet to get a job working out of their home, as employers can also look for suitable persons for some vacant posts have.

Use of the Internet to study

Can use the Internet as a source of benefit for students in their studies, and the following: [3]

  • Online Learning: You can join some of the academic programs offered by some universities and colleges online, can also enroll in training from home.
  • Search online: You can use the Internet to do any research study.
  • The completion of duties and assignments: Can any duties solution may be difficult for students to do through the Internet.


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