How to Calculate the flat construction

How to Calculate the flat construction


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Definition of space
  • 3 How to Calculate Area 3.1 Regular space formats account 3.2 calculate the area of ​​irregular shapes 3.3 flat building account
  • 3.1 Regular space formats account
  • 3.2 calculate the area of ​​irregular shapes
  • 3.3 flat building account

an introduction

Of the highlights of the benefits to humanity from the use of mathematics is that the mathematics community service has contributed to solving many of the issues and easy many account of the issues that need time and effort by using a set of laws and theories by computational issue.

One of these issues spaces account for geometric shapes and solids and surfaces, mathematics Voocdet a radical solution to this issue.

Definition of space

  • Is the science that is interested in creating spaces geometric shapes, and sculptures, buildings and flats, land, air distances, land and sea.
  • Area: is confined, three or Two-Line four or more paper on the region, and on the ground are confined wall or building area or walls or fixed borders.
  • Area Unit is the unit longitudinal squareness Kalmtr box, and Alsntimitr and other box.

How to calculate the area

Area is calculated according to the type of form for every method in the calculation are summarized some of them are as follows:

Regular space formats account

Means the regular geometric shapes Kalmthelt and square and rectangle, and others.

  • Area of ​​the rectangle = length × width
  • Space box = rib length × rib length
  • Triangle = area 2/1 × height × length of the base
  • Circle area = 2 × × radius i (i = 3.14 or 7/22)

Forms an area of ​​non-performing account

To calculate the area of ​​irregular shapes there are several ways, including:

  • Irregular shape divided into several forms of regular geometric, and the application of the laws of geometric shapes regular on each part separately and then calculate the total area.
  • The total area of ​​irregular shape = total partial spaces of the regular forms of engineering.
  • Confined space between the X-axis positive or negative curve pairing at the coordinate level or Cartesian is calculated by dividing the area confined to a very small rectangles and calculate the area of ​​each rectangle individually and then collect spaces together to find the total area which is known mathematically as the integral calculus and applied by the integration of laws known for ease of calculation.

Flat building account

  • Land area is calculated by multiplying the length of the ground in width.
  • Foreign construction area is calculated by calculating the length and width of construction from the outside.

Foreign construction area = length × outside construction view of the outside.

  • The interior space of the building account measuring the length and width of each room or a kitchen or toilet or otherwise from the inside; And calculate for each area separately, and then create the total area = total partial spaces of the building from the inside
  • Insert the construction area of ​​the walls of the building in the same way.

The walls of the building space for each room or other = thickness brick × length or width of the room

  • The second floor space and other roles = area of ​​the first round

What it did not add balconies or an additional part, then add additional space to the total construction area.


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