How to calculate the scale of the map

How to calculate the scale of the map

Can not deal with the land on the ground directly without the existence of what teaches us the nature of this earth, and multiply simple example in the process of movement from one point to another on this extended earth, man is not that object is able to move between Nguettin without guidance and planning and destination itinerary, this has worked since human foot on the study of this land with all the details of a deep study and develop plans that Totah different areas that help travelers and students move from one area to another on their way to finding that Saslkouna. These schemes are called maps, which are very necessary in all areas of science that require the use of these kind of schemes, such as geography and earth science, navigation, marine aviation, military science and others.

Map actually, is a microcosm of symbolic reality sizes commensurate with reality, and these deliberate measurements as defined scale painting or drawing the map scale, a scale that reflects each unit in which about a unit of measurement in the ground, for example, drawing 1: 100 scale means that each one mm or cm on the map equals 1,000 meters or how much on the ground. The scale of the drawing is the means Almstkhaddh to see measurements on the ground, for example, to find out the real distance between two points on the ground, the distance is measured on the map and then use the scale by following the principle of proportionality, to know the real distance on the ground.

Drawing scale is an important element of the map, which is determined by the ratio between the dimensions used in drawing the map and the true dimensions of the distances on the ground, in addition to this important element there are other very important elements for the interpretation of maps and understand, as the title of the map, which can not determine the map without , in addition to the four directions and sub-trends, which is usually determined by drawing an arrow pointing to North Gahh and thus is determined by the rest of the directions. There is also a variety of symbols and a variety of uses depending on the variety of details contained in the map, because the map is a symbolic illustration of the area on the ground, this clarification should also include all that it contains the area on the ground, especially when using Kherit for the purposes of exploration and excavation and other, there special symbols Palmstahat water capitals, cities, railroads, airports, places of transportation and geographical terrain and tourist places, streets and feeder roads and many other symbols used.

In this age and with the technical progress has taken another dimension maps as increased reliability and increased accuracy due to the use of industrial Alaoqmar in the maps, it has also become affordable for everyone.


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