How to cook pumpkin

How to cook pumpkin


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Is a gourd or pumpkin species of plants of the species Cucurbitaceae, which includes melons and squash and cucumbers, and has several colors of it pumpkins red or yellow squash and pumpkin orange, grown pumpkins in the United States and Egypt, pumpkins in some countries called this name in some other countries called Baliqtin, There has many varieties SQ large size and type, and another small pumpkin types include:

  • Type L (Cucurbita pepo).
  • Type L (Cucurbita mixta).
  • Type of (Cucurbita maxima).
  • And from the type of (Cucurbita moschata).

Pumpkin consists of the following components: peeling outsourcing, oils, ash, caustic gum, as well as starch, water and sugar, and contains vitamin A, calcium, and the part is used in pumpkin seeds and fruit.

Pumpkin Soup way


  • Percussion and clip cubes peeled.
  • Onions, chopped.
  • Two grains of tomatoes, chopped.
  • Chopped parsley.

Spoon black pepper.

  • Pinch of salt.
  • Chicken broth.
  • olive oil.

How to prepare

Attend a saucepan and put its olive oil and fry with onions until tender little and then put the cubes pumpkin onion and chopped tomatoes and stir, then sprinkle it black and salt pepper and stir the mixture, and then bring the chicken broth and put it on the mixture and cover the pot until the pumpkin up to the degree of levelness so up to semi-melting stage, stirring continuously, after flush pumpkins are pouring the mixture into the pots rendering is decorated with a little parsley, chopped fine, and a thousand health here.

Benefits of Pumpkin

  • Pumpkin is the stomach of laxatives and limits Alaktam.
  • Pumpkin helps activate the liver, and reduces jaundice.
  • Pumpkin cures headaches and mental illness sister, by eating it and put it on the place of pain.
  • It is eating pumpkin tranquillizers nerves and treats mental illness.
  • Eating pumpkin helps in the generation of Paul.
  • Pumpkin helps to break up gravel and sand, and helps to get rid of kidney infections and Ancthma and strengthens their performance.
  • Pumpkin is useful in cases of fever and increase the heat and thirst breaks.
  • Pumpkin is useful in cases of cough and chest tightness.
  • Gourd plant helps stimulate the gums and cures tooth pain.
  • When eating pumpkin seeds helps to expel worms from the intestine, especially the only worm.
  • It helps in the treatment of urinary system problems and prostate.


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