How to cultivate beans

How to cultivate beans


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  • 1.1 Agriculture Times
  • 1.2 Agriculture needs
  • 2 How to cultivate beans
  • 3 varieties of beans 3.1 by color 3.2 items Dry 3.3 Local Categories 3.4 months types of beans
  • 3.1 by color
  • 3.2 items Dry
  • 3.3 Local Categories
  • 3.4 months types of beans
  • 4 Video recipe salad green beans


It is characterized by the existence of the planet where plants and this is what makes it good to live, has been adopted since the human foot on agriculture to meet their needs and provide nutrition, and these plants, which focuses on human cultivation are beans. The beans of all kinds of important foods, which are considered iron-rich plants are useful for those who suffer from anemia disease and protein plant, and it is also beneficial to the soil to contain bacteria decades in the roots, and plant beans from more household plants cultivation for their beauty and usefulness.

Agriculture Times

Green beans are grown from the beginning of February to March, while land beans are grown from the beginning of the month of April to June.

Agriculture needs

Beans need a mild climate you can not live under temperature (12 ° C), also need fertile soil warm.

How to cultivate beans

  • Seeds are treated with disinfectant fungal before planting.
  • Land tilled from (2-3) times, then work in the form of lines or basins.
  • All (3) seeds are placed in a hole, each hole and away from the other (4 cm) and at a depth of inserting a (2-3) cm.
  • Covered seeds well and then told directly.
  • After growth and the emergence of the first plant beans and any papers within 15 days, Tazk soil and repeat the process as needed.
  • Tzmd chemical compound fertilizers (potassium Ntroyjan- Vsfor-), the first batch after the completion of germination, the second time after 3 weeks of the first.
  • Prove each seedlings with a stick to Ttzlgaha where length up to 3 feet (ie, approximately 90 cm).
  • Troy bean plant with moderately careful not to sink it with water.
  • Exposed beans plant, like other plants for many diseases (mosaic Aloorac- Almn- spiders Ahamra- white fly), and all the usual insecticides are resistant to pesticides.
  • Harvested green beans when the seedlings are highly (12-15 cm), while the white is formed when grains can be harvested.
  • It is advised to harvest the crop early in the morning to retain centuries beans Bndhartha and glory.
  • Cultivation period and harvest vary depending on climate, soil type and beans. For varieties of short ranges of (45-55) days, climbing (70-80) days, and continue to harvest (1-2) a month depending on the maturity of centuries of green beans.
  • The dry beans you continue between agriculture and the harvest of (3.5-5) months, the crop harvested in batches according to the maturity of the century.

Bean varieties

By color

  • Green Beans.
  • Yellow beans.
  • Purple beans.

The most important cultivated varieties: Savannah, Newton, and the Bronco, and Tasman.

Dry items

  • Pinto Bean
  • Navv Bean
  • Cranberry Bean
  • Black Bean

Local Categories

It is known as the local varieties.

Months types of beans

  • Type the Italian climber.
  • Type Bauntefil.
  • Type yellow "Stringless Wax".

Video recipe green beans salad

To learn more information about the recipe green beans salad watched video.


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