How to cultivate grape seed

How to cultivate grape seed


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Preparation for agriculture
  • 3 Preparation of grapes your own chopsticks
  • 4 to determine the appropriate location
  • 5 Soil preparation
  • 6 Preparation pergola your chrome
  • 7 When we grow grapes
  • 8 irrigation grapes
  • 9 trim grape vines
  • 10 pest control
  • 11 grape harvest

an introduction

Grapes of multi-purpose fruit, and is used to eat its fruit, or drink it in the form of juice, as it makes jam, and when non-Muslims made him "wine" is forbidden to drink in the Islamic religion. The advantage of the grape plant in its ability to grow in many places around the world, because it often adapts to most types of soils in the world.

Preparation for agriculture

  • At first you choose the type of grape plant that will be planted, as the rest of the other plants, but there are certain types of grapes grow better in different climates, as there are multiple kinds of colors are the fruit of the grape also flavor.
  • Generally, there are three main types of grapes, grapes American, European, and grape circular leaves. American grapes grow best in climates warm sunny, as a Mediterranean Mediterranean, but the original home is the center of California, the European grape His name is indicated by, and common cultivation in Europe and North parts of the United States, the grape circular leaves are usually grown in the southern US United.
  • Each different type of grape types in terms of flavor, color, texture and size, there are multiple types to choose, can visit local agricultural nursery to find a grape types that fits your needs and your environment.
  • When choosing the type of grape you want to planting, you choose native plants that look healthy and strong, and they have exceeded the age of the year, so as to ensure its growth and free of viruses. As you should look for seedlings that have root in the soil Mtozaaa well, and its branches are symmetrical.

Preparation of grapes your own chopsticks

  • If you have found a large grape tree when one of your friends and won Admire, and want to sow the seeds of the same kind in your garden, you can cut them part (branch) and sow in a new place.
  • To cut a new branch of your own, cut a section newly grown directly from the tree, from the bottom, and make sure that the section has a three-decade at least, and the contract are the places that seem prominent in the leg and will grow new branches in the future, when shear from the bottom; Lower shear angle a bit, and this should be a reduction in the range of 45 degrees, and about one inch above the primary node.
  • When shear tried to cut several branches, and I plant in several adjacent places, even a chance of success is greater, one may succeed and other succeed.

Determine the appropriate location

  • The vineyards are long-term plants that can live between 50 to 100 years. Therefore, make sure that the location you specified is one and lasting, and would allow a lot of bowers vineyards in the future.
  • Grape plants thrive more in steep and mountainous areas with access to a lot of sunlight, preferably grape is grown on a slope downward on a hill overlooking the south, in a clear area of ​​trees and other plants.
  • In cold areas, you must make sure the grapes planted in a sunny area, preferably facing south; Because the face of the South may prevent frost from infanticide chromium.

Soil preparation

  • It is important to equip the appropriate soil before planting the stalks of grapes, and are advised to use the rocky soil slightly or rich sandy hydrogen, it enhances the discharge of excess water from the soil if necessary, because the water if overflowed from alone, they will spend the vineyards and will not grow healthily.
  • Before you start the process of agriculture must be tested for the acidity of the soil. If it lacks one of the elements must be added before planting, and if it is overflowing with a certain element plus must be reduced by agriculture is also commensurate with the vineyards and needs.
  • Although it may seem counterintuitive, the vineyards do not like rich soil nutrient. So avoid fertilized soil substantially as much as possible, and you can consult an agricultural engineer in your area to report about the quality of the soil in your area more.

Prepare your chrome pergola

  • Vineyards as its name suggests plants where the trees grow up along pergola own structures, if you do not sow your grapes along the fence, or wall, to grow longitudinally, usually you will need to prepare made wooden structure of the panels tangled allow legs grapes wrap around, and provide a strong support system for heavy Kattouf grapes.
  • You can buy wood and tangled wires and hang your fence columns Al Ptareshetk, and do not use trellis and one specific to each grape tree, but you can processing in an integrated manner for all grape trees adjacent to you.

When we grow grapes

  • You must wait for the cultivation of grapes in the late winter or early spring, it is a very appropriate time for the cultivation of grapes, and trim the eye happens in this same time in the coming years later agriculture.
  • Must be grape seedlings spaced from each other well, and the average distance between each tree and the other about five meters, and must buds be above the soil surface when agriculture, so take an appropriate part of the leg in the soil well, and the other part that holds buds be above the soil surface.

Rey grapes

Vineyards do not prefer heavy water or rain a lot, and after the first watering kept the amount of water granted by the grapes to a minimum, as well as keep the water near the roots, so you get the majority of plants on its share of water rather than evaporate as a result of the sun's rays, and your area were not where rain falls on a regular basis; You can use a drip irrigation system; Because it saves a lot of water and effort as well.

Pruning grape vines

In the first year of cultivation of grapes do not have to trim the branches, so as to allow the tree grape Banbat new stems and leaves are well, because they are going to be still in its infancy, but in the following years are pruning as needed. Often the process of pruning are when the vineyards are in the resting stage, not at the time of germination stems and leaves, usually this is in the late winter when the air is not cool enough to be frost; Because the frost hurt the legs of the grapes are very negative.

Pest Control

As the rest of the other plants, there are some pests that Chrome may infect grapes, but generally kept the area where the grapes are free cultivated herbs, and you can remove these herbs by hand, because as you have to cover the fruits of grapes paper, to keep them from birds rogue. Make sure that Chrome be grapes enter the air and the sun's rays well, thus preventing be Powdery white grapes around. The manna of the most prominent and pest problems that may affect the grapes, and beetles are natural for the consumer to whom, therefore, will not harm the grapes with something, on the contrary, will save you from the manna in the region.

Grape harvest

After one year to three years of cultivation of grapes predicted the emergence of the fruits of grapes at any time in your vineyard, and you can taste the fruits of the grapes in this case, if the sweet; It is a sign stating that the fruits are ripe and ready for harvest.


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