How to dry orange peel

How to dry orange peel


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Orange is one of the most trees growing around the world, and a well-known orange fruit natural Bhlautea wide uses in juices, jam types, and in the face masks, and many others, and there are many reasons that make oranges a suitable option to eat a day; It is a little heat and a rich calorie nutrients useful for the health of the skin and, in addition to the piece orange helps to reduce the risk of many diseases; Where the orange contains more than 170 different chemical plant more than 60 compound flavonoid. [1]

Orange peel

Is the orange of the most common types of fruits common among people, but there are very few people use or deal with orange peels, knowing that it is the most useful part of the fruit of the orange, where orange peels contain a lot of flavonoids (in English: Flavonoids), such as Alhspareden (English : Hesperidin), multiple Almithoksilat and Filavonat (in English: Polymethoxyflavones), as they contain many Alvetukemejkal (in English: Phytochemicals), which has a lot of health benefits to the human body. [2]

Drying orange peel method

Drying can be orange peel at home easy and simple steps, following the following steps: [3]

  • Orange wash well and make sure that it has become completely clean.
  • Remove only the external layers, so as to avoid peeling internal white layer.
  • Ensure that there are no white peel when finished peeling orange peels and then collect together and cut or leave them as they are.
  • Adjust the oven at the lowest temperature, and prepare the oven tray, and then do an array of orange peels them.
  • Wait 20-30 minutes until they are ready for use.

Uses dried orange peels

The orange peels from important sources and rich Pftamen c; Which makes them useful material for health and skin care, as well as other uses, some of which will be remembered as follows: [4]

  • Air; Where many people use orange peels to replenish the air in the house and make it refreshing, and is done by boiling a handful of dried orange peel with cinnamon and cardamom.
  • For the skin; Orange peels are considered very useful for the skin; Where it is used to remove blackheads, and the pills face, also used to treat dark circles and close the pores and make the skin look brighter and more freshness, as well as its usefulness in cases of dry skin.
  • Mosquitoes; Orange peels are an effective way to repel mosquitoes from the house.
  • To get rid of dandruff; This mixing grinded orange peel with water and leave it for the whole night, and then the mixture is placed on the hair to get rid of dandruff.

The nutritional value of orange peel

Orange peels contain a lot of important nutrients; According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA); The big spoon of one orange peels contain the following nutrients: [5]

Benefits of orange peel

The orange peel a lot of benefits to the health of the body, containing orange peels on certain food items at rates higher than provided by the fruit itself, which, for example, provide 100 grams of orange peels 136 mg of vitamin C, while the availability of the fruit of oranges that are usually eaten 71 mg, and contain orange peels on many other vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, copper, vitamin a, folic acid, and while some of the health benefits comes: [2] [6]

  • Heart Health: Many studies have shown in animals peel the ability of orange to lower blood pressure and cholesterol (in English: Cholesterol) to contain Alhspareden which is one of Flavonoids and noted other studies that multiple Almithoksilat Filavonat (in English: polymethoxyflavones), containing the peel orange has led to lower cholesterol levels in the blood more efficiently than prescribed medications, and without the appearance of any side effects. [2] [7]
  • Cancer: orange peels contain flavonoids that work in turn inhibiting action protein (RLIP76) associated with obesity (in English: Obesity) and cancer, and continues to research in this area in its early stages, but if managed such research to stop or discourage the work of this protein by extract orange peels (in English: orange peel extract) will have a great positive impact on the future of chronic diseases.
  • Sensitivity: It helps the materials in orange peels and in other citrus peel on the inhibition of release of histamine (in English: Histamine); It is a material involved in allergic reactions; Which makes the anti orange peel food allergens, in addition it helps orange peels to cleanse the lungs and expel phlegm, because of the high content of vitamin C; Peels help to strengthen the immune system and help it fight against many respiratory tract infections such as colds and flu.
  • Obesity: orange peels help to increase the representation rate of food in the body, and helps to increase fat burning; Where many experts recommend cobalt orange as a treatment for weight loss.
  • Digestive problems: the orange peels anti-inflammatory properties; Therefore, they are useful in the treatment of some digestive system problems such as diarrhea, heartburn, and acidity.
  • Asthma: where orange peels help to remove phlegm, may also reduce coughing and improve shortness of breath experienced by patients with asthma.


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