How to fry crispy potatoes

How to fry crispy potatoes


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  • 2.1 fingers potatoes, crispy
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Is the cooking methods used in the cooking process note independent of itself, would thus like physics and chemistry, Valenkhh taste Natjan of this process produce primarily from a number of chemical reactions of atoms of the broth components of a single, also controls the laws of physics in a way of cooking the resulting taste of the cooking process, many scientists have been able to physics and chemistry applied their theories to the world of cooking, and from this point of the many companies large restaurants and famous around the world with the help of these scientists to provide the best solutions to get fried and crispy potatoes, and after a number of experiments and attempts were able to achieve this, and at the same time provided housewife simpler solutions and means to get the fingers of potatoes crunchy satisfy her children and her family.

Methods of preparation of potatoes

Potato fingers crunchy

  • Cut potatoes into a medium-sized fingers longitudinal, and bring a deep bowl filled with cold water.
  • Add the appropriate amount of salt, black pepper and vinegar and stir well in water until completely melt.
  • Add the potatoes to the fingers of a mixture of water, salt, vinegar, black pepper and leave for at least an hour.
  • Potato fingers out of the water and leave the cooking paper to dry.
  • Oil for frying heat over medium heat, fry potatoes fingers in the oil medium heat until soften but without reaching a state of maturity.
  • Half fingers potatoes mature out of oil and leave it on the kitchen paper until Taatcefy oil.
  • Kept in the vegetable bags and close well placed in the freezer until frozen, and when the desire of a child or family members in the fingers of potatoes Crunchy everything needs to be done is to remove them from the freezer and fry in hot oil until tender.

Potato fingers, crispy fermented

  • Start cutting potatoes into medium-sized fingers longitudinal.
  • Add tablespoons of rapid preparation of yeast in a bowl filled with cold water and stir well until melt completely.
  • Add the potatoes fingers into a bowl of water, taking care that the water flooded the potato fingers completely.
  • Fingers leave potatoes in water for at least an hour until imbibing water and ferments.
  • Potato fingers out of the water and leave until Taatcefy on the kitchen paper.
  • After heating the frying oil at high temperatures added to the fingers of potatoes and fry until you get a golden color from the outside, and then remove them from the oil left on the kitchen paper until Taatcefy of excess oil.

Video modus operandi Smileys potatoes

To learn more information about how Smileys potatoes work watched the video.


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