How to get rid of rumen after caesarean

How to get rid of rumen after caesarean


  • 1 walk and ride bikes fixed
  • 2 abdominal breathing exercise
  • Use 3 laps abdominal
  • 4 citizens of good food
  • 5 References

Walking and riding bikes fixed

The woman must wait six weeks for at least after a Caesarean section before exercise, to allow the body to recover from its impact, and must also consult your own before you start working out a doctor to ensure that no damage to muscle belly, and exercises that can exercise after recovery: Walking , riding a bike fixed three times a week, which helps to burn fat, get rid of flatulence, in addition to the possibility of practice exercises weightlifting after progress in the process of exercise. [1]

Exercise breathing abdominal

Exercise helps breathing from the abdomen (in English: Belly Breathing) in the re-formation of the muscles of the trunk so you can work together again in the daily activities, as well as to help him relax the body, and can be exercised through the following steps: [2]

  • Lie on your back on a bed or a comfortable sofa.
  • Put your hands on the abdomen and relax.
  • Pull a deep breath from the nose with a sense of expansion of the abdomen under the hands.
  • Exhale from the mouth, with tight abdominal muscles pulling inward toward the spine, and maintain this position for 3 seconds.
  • Repeat the previous exercise of 5 to 10 consecutive times, and repeat it three times a day.

Use Fat Belly

According Donica Moore, president of Sapphire Group for Women's Health in Far Hills and author of "Women's Health Lifetime" that rolls belly (in English: Belly Wraps) or as it is also known as abdominal ligaments have been used in the past to treat back pain and to their ability to support the abdominal muscles. [3]

Leroy Jay Goldberg specialist gynecologist and obstetrician in Beverly Hills that they were using the ligaments of the abdomen to help women who have undergone natural childbirth and cesarean delivery in support of the abdominal muscles, helping these ligaments in generating light pressure helps the uterus return to normal size faster according Donica Moore, became available rolls abdomen now modern forms and several sizes to suit all women, are advised to wear them for a period of Goldberg, ranging from 4 weeks to 6 weeks to get the best results. [3]

Nationals of good food

It helps a healthy diet, low carbohydrate in reducing calories within the body, and thus the body to resort to burning stored fat to get energy, which also helps to reduce the emergence of the abdomen, and is advisable to avoid eating high-fat foods, fried foods, fast food, sweets, soft drinks, and replace them with vegetables, fruit, lean meat and low-fat dairy. [1]


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