How to get rid of your waste

How to get rid of your waste


  • 1 methods of waste disposal
  • 2 solid waste recycling
  • 3 specifications disposal site of chemical waste
  • 4 References

Methods of waste disposal

Use different ways to get rid of the waste, which is as follows: [1]

  • Construction of landfill waste strategy, and put it bushings, it is essential to the landfill gas generated from waste management, and water management must surface and groundwater in order to control the effects of air and water.
  • Opening of the Chemical Waste Treatment Center, which specializes in treatment of chemical waste, where in Tsing Yi Island in 1993, and then put extensive controls on the center in order to monitor the process by EPD.
  • Allocation of waste transfer stations from different regions such as the seven stations that are located in Hong Kong, where all waste from the development of small trucks in large containers, are then loaded onto trucks in order to transfer them to landfills.
  • The opening of factories converting livestock waste into fertilizer such as factory cm Ling, which opened in 1991 in Hong Kong.


Solid waste recycling

Solid wastes can be processed through the restoration in the waste of raw materials, and then re-used in order to make new products, and in general can be recycled the following solid waste: [2]

  • Metals: aluminum cans are considered one of the most viable metal for recycling, where reusable completely to make new cans.
  • Plastic: plastic made from solid materials or resins remaining from the oil refining process, and re-use of plastic must be heated resins, and then formed in order to manufacture the bags and packages.
  • Paper: Can not recycle paper products only a few times, because recycled paper is not strong.
  • Glass: The glass of the easiest waste of waste that can be recycled because of the possibility of melted down repeatedly, and the cost of recycled glass production recycled less than the cost of production for the first time.

Site disposal of chemical waste specifications

The site, which is disposed of chemical waste in which the following matters: [3]

  • Depth ranges between 50 cm and one meter.
  • Specializes only chemical waste in order to avoid contamination of homes or groundwater or surface water or crops or livestock.
  • It appears flat, preferably with clay lining around the middle, and lime at the bottom.
  • Lining the inside lining strong Blastich, and has the ability to endure in order to reduce the risk of leakage of chemicals.
  • Placed in situ chemical waste non-refundable only, any waste should be returned carrying returnable to mark the main supplier.


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