How to keep the environment clean

How to keep the environment clean


  • 1 Environmental Leadership
  • 2 rationalization of energy consumption
  • 3 limit the use of toxic substances
  • 4 other ways to protect the environment
  • 5 References

Environmental Leadership

Can be dispensed with driving while navigating with the aim of preserving the environment, ride transportation means environmentally friendly instead of them, such as bicycles, or the use of public transport, to reduce the amount of pollution resulting from the individual uses of cars, is also advised to travel on foot as much as possible, and taking into account the issue of environmental leadership, which relies on driving safely and quickly fixed. [1]

Rationalization of energy consumption

Can rationalize energy consumption by turning lamps, computers, heating equipment, cooling in the event of non-use, [2] can also replace ordinary bulbs with another more energy efficient, such as lamps compact fluorescent also known as fluorescent lamps, as well as be sure to isolate home through thermal insulation techniques, in order to avoid any damage, save energy and electricity. [1]

Reducing the use of toxic substances

Can reduce the use of toxic and harmful substances to the environment by following the following: [1]

  • Buy organic Alogdah to support sustainable agriculture.
  • Donate old clothes rather than get rid of them, buy used clothes.
  • Dispense with toxic household cleaners ones made from natural materials.
  • Avoid the use of pesticides harmful to the environment, and only pest control materials safe and natural.
  • Buy games, building materials, furniture parts non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and make sure they do not contain formaldehyde (in English: formaldehyde), which are considered harmful to humans and the environment.

Other ways to protect the environment

Multiple ways to protect the system and environmental conservation on the ground, including the following: [1]

  • Replace paper handkerchiefs cloth, and the use of shopping bags that can be reused again in stores.
  • Rationalization of the flow of water in the house facilities, and storage of rainwater.
  • Use the remains of organic food natural fertilizer for the soil.
  • Recycling plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and all the items that can be reused after recycling. [3]
  • Waste dumping in places allocated to them.
  • Intensification of planting trees and flowers.
  • Raising awareness about the issue of global warming.


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