How to make Arashth

How to make Arashth


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Arashth heritage dish popular is prepared in abundance in the winter, and despite the lack of preparation of these days, but there are many people who love this dish and still decorate their tables in the winter, prepare Arashth ways vary due to the nature of the country, but they all share the chips dough that are Jnha without fermentation and lived up several times and sprinkle with flour, and cut lengthwise and leave Taatnschw and it is cooked, and today I will prepare you Arashth the Palestinian and the way you steps.

Palestinian Arashth


Dough ingredients:

  • Two cups of white flour Mankhool.
  • Small spoon of salt.
  • Warm water is enough for the process of kneading.
  • Cup flour to the process of slavery and the individual.

Arashth components:

  • Cup of lentils full of love washed and drained.
  • A cup of sliced ​​onions high.
  • ¼ cup olive oil.
  • A tablespoon of ground sumac.
  • Eight cups of hot water.

How to prepare

Prepare the dough:

  • Develop national flour in a hollow bowl, add the salt, flour my heart and then gradually adding water Begin to reach a cohesive dough is not soft.
  • Roll the dough and leave it for a quarter of an hour and then cut in half, on a flat surface until the dough national Straighten pray very thin thickness, with continuity by spraying flour and then folded.
  • Sprinkle flour again until the dough national bend you have multiple layers of dough, the tip of a sharp knife cut the dough saw national one cm thick until you have chips on the longitudinal high.
  • Sprinkle with flour chips again after cutting and Begin Pferdha from each other.
  • National flash the remaining part of the dough in the same previous steps.
  • By wire strainer soft chips Put the dough in which to get rid of any appendages flour.
  • Unfold the dough chips in the tray and unfolded while the preparation of leave for other components needed for the preparation of Arashth.
  • There is special machine for cutting pasta and Arashth, you can use it if you have.

Prepare Arashth:

  • In a saucepan on the fire, add the amount of water (eight cups).
  • Add cup lentils and leave until completely cooked.
  • Begin by adding chips dough with constant stirring until no clump, leave it for half an hour on low heat.
  • You'll notice that the dish became thick textures, Tpelet salt.
  • In a small saucepan, add the amount of olive oil and onions, Hamri onions until golden and crispy, then the national Banchalh of oil.
  • National pour Altqlah (oil) above dish Arashth, leave it on fire five additional minutes.
  • National pour Arashth in a special dish Apply, Sprinkle onions roasted on the face and sprinkle some ground sumac, and feet hot.


  • If you want to prepare this dish did not work enough time to prepare the dough at home you can buy a paste Alfotoshina use and fulfill the purpose and give you the same taste.
  • If you want a strong Bakremch onion reddish little flour before Thmirh confidentiality.
  • You can leave some of the chips that we have prepared the dough and cut and fried in oil and Thmerha and distributed on the surface of the onion with reddish Arashth to get great Qurmhh.


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