How to make exotic Algerian

How to make exotic Algerian


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  • 2.1 Ingredients
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ALgerian Sweets

Famous for Algeria with a number of delicious and famous Algerian Kalgraybh sweet dishes, the exotic one of the desserts fragile and delicious taste that melts the mouth which is most popular types of oriental sweets, can be exotic offers Kziavh with a group of the problem of desserts or with tea, will appreciate this easy dish and simple all members of your family and your guests, and today offer you the best way to make exotic Algerian sufficient quantity thirty people.

Algerian exotic


  • Cassin of white sugar.
  • Cassin of vegetable oil.
  • 300 grams of butter.
  • Tablespoons of instant yeast.
  • The amount of a large bowl of ground almonds with a crust.
  • Small tablespoons of cinnamon.
  • The amount of flour (as needed).

How to prepare

  • The amount of sugar and mix together the butter until the mixture Etjans.
  • Add the mixture to the sugar and butter on the staging of: almond oil, and then the amount of cinnamon and some flour.
  • We mix ingredients together by hand until we get a cohesive dough, if we do not get the dough knit we will increase the trickle-down flour ratio.
  • Inside a plastic bag keep the amount of dough produced and put them in the refrigerator for a full day.
  • The next day we go out the dough by hand and Njnha a little before adding the amount of yeast, after adding yeast Snjnha again.
  • We will cut the dough and shape in the form of a medium-sized balls and put them in the baking trays.
  • Each filler can be a grain of almonds or pistachios as desired.
  • In the average temperature furnace we will put exotic, we will monitor and take as soon taken out the reddish brown color and begin Balthqq, offering exotic cool.


  • For less strange cracking national Bjnha well; Where the more kneaded more strongly the better.
  • Sugar too much may spoil quite exotic; You can reduce the sugar exotic workshops with sugar powder if removed from the oven.
  • Put the butter and the rest of the ingredients at room temperature before the time of use.
  • Make sure that the sugar dissolves well and disappear before the crystals form the dough.
  • When you put the dough in the bag make sure no air to enter and seal the bag around; So do not dry the dough.
  • Use the same basket of amounts, any small defect in the amount of ingredients will return a negative impact on an alien form.
  • Do not Tkthrey of flour, but my small amount and Zidha when needed; Increasing the amount of flour will lead to dry the dough.
  • Ohali oven and let heated by the exotic setting quarter of an hour.
  • Take care of the well which is strange in the oven it is fast maturing and crack often claimed; When you see the first signs of cracking Okhreigna off.
  • Do not go out trays of exotic bread before it cools; So do not break.
  • You can save the alien in cans well closed for several days; So once cooled in food cans put them and use them when needed.


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