How to paint the walls

How to paint the walls


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Wall Paint

Paint the walls of houses of tasks that you can do yourself to give a new touch to your home, which is the best way you can and Ofer do if you want to make a change to your home design, in addition to being easy to learn, and does not need to be trained by a competent; Where anyone can do, all it takes is a little patience and practice and a set of practical tips. [1]

Before painting the walls

Before you start the process of paint: [2]

  • Prepare the wall: For wall greased well, you have to supply him well, Bkhth, and Trmelh, and patching, filling each hole and break and warp, no longer those of interesting steps in the paint process, but the most important step, you will not get a good paint, no matter what kind excellent and expensive if the wall Amishqqa or full of potholes.
  • Prepare the ground: Invest canvas oil painting to cover the floor, and to prevent tarnishing; With the advantage of this type of fabrics enormous ability to absorb paint and can easily straighten the corners of the room, and it can be used more than once.

How to paint the walls

Anyone can paint his house to follow the steps and the following tips: [3]

  • Anoint core layer: The basic layer of paint necessary if you paint the wall for the first time, or if you paint a dark wall color, and in any case prefer to paint the basic class for three main reasons; To obscure spots of the wall, and the lack of need for more than one layer of the finished paint paint, and because the basic class improves the overall appearance of paint and homogeneity of color. Blends professional Aldhanon little paint stained, with basic paint for color and better coverage.
  • Anoint the final layer: After your choice of color for you and prepare well, anoint the wall by starting from the party through to the last point on the wall, making sure to paint the entire wall in the same class and the way.
  • Use long paint brush: to paint the ceiling and high wall of the parties.
  • Use Bstal with holes: Preferably use Bstal special paint holes; Where it is placed in a pail of paint directly, fill the bucket to half, diving brush Balstal, and wipe it on the pail with holes to get rid of excess paint on the brush, instead of putting paint on the Chinese, and wipe the brush on it, staining the place and the brush, and not being able to get rid of paint excess brush, and if you reach the end of the day did not end paint, do not wash brushes with water, but remove the paint excess it, and wrapped transparent paper plastic well, so as not up to the air, and then put it in the fridge until the next day, this way prevent dry, and the next day, remove it before the use of half an hour.


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