How to preserve nature

How to preserve nature


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an introduction

Pat Nature Preserve one of the most current requirements of the age, and developed countries are always seeking to find solutions to fit what man spoiled by the ages, removal of green spaces, air smoke, factories and cars, water pollution, oil spill pollution from tankers and soil from pesticides contamination of all things upset the balance of the environment and affected the elements of nature and led to exposing many animal species to extinction, and even exceeded the damage to include human, which showed epidemics caused by pollution diseases, so it has become important to take steps to keep them on the rest of the nature of the and fix them are affected by them, and in this topic ask some ideas that will help reduce pollution and the preservation of nature. And our conversation today Sidor about the most prominent ways to help us maintain the free nature of any problems encountered, including the following:


If only one person is not able to provide the environment as possible for the community fully to offer, so it is important to be made aware of communities imminent danger to the environment, and the erroneous practices committed by human and that are harmful to nature and its balance, and here comes the role of government and private institutions and environmental protection associations in organizing awareness campaigns and holding serious conferences raises the issue of the environment and the problems faced and pose effective solutions, and to educate people and sensitize them what they can do for a better environment, and be made aware of the people that the environment is clean affect negatively and largely on human health and safety and caused him numerous diseases and they affect animals as well and the balance in nature and on their health, especially those animals that make them human source of nutrition, and that the plant that eats human also is now threatened by many pests and diseases that cause epidemics, health and human problems.

financial support

If you're really interested in preserving the natural look in your town for associations that cares about the environment and conservation, these associations often have a significant impact because it is based on the involvement of large groups of people, and especially young people in active activities can influence in a positive way on nature and keep them in one way or another, and often lack these associations sufficient to carry out support these activities and projects, be positive and presented to one of these associations material support you need or part of it, and be sure to educate people to support them, and you can this deployment Thread is simply the means of social communication, to support the donation of these associations, and support does not include support for cash only, Valantsab these associations and the obligation to provide services and participate in campaigns launched is very important in preserving nature and is a means of support environment.

Personal efforts

Although the preservation of the environment requires collective efforts of a large, but you can make individual efforts of a small but very effective in preserving the environment in one way or another, and these efforts could include:

  • Recycling: It is recognized that recycling is difficult and requires a lot of stage work, and can be part of this huge process by placing the materials that can be recycled in dedicated recycling places, this small step is important for you may look but in fact the first and most important step in the recycling process, and include materials that can be recycled paper, glass, plastic and others, and you can also be the recycling on a smaller level through the creative household solutions if re-use plastic cans Kosas for the cultivation of flowers after you Btzanh and colored or even by re-use of plastic bags twice and three even though they are biodegradable.
  • You can also help the environment to stop buying products that would hurt any of the elements of nature and you can be sure if what you buy harmful to the environment by identifying the method of manufacture and susceptibility to degradation in soil or not and other things that reveal the impact of products on nature .
  • Volunteering: do not need to volunteer a specific place to go down, if not find any close association you can join them or any institution dealing with the environment, you can you take a new step by educating and educating people and highlighting the problems faced by nature and their components, through social media creates a page on Facebook, for example, care about nature and the environment.
  • You can reduce this culture of air pollution through the use of public transportation and mass deployment on the scale of your family and your community, this transport collective challenge of air pollution, instead of riding each person a car alone and be every vehicle source of smoke emissions harmful to the environment, it can all these people that ride one bus and thus provide for themselves and a lot environment, you can also reduce this pollution by going on foot to the nearby places or park your car away from your workplace, for example, it is important not to underestimate these important efforts were small they are long-term progress a lot of the environment, be sure to be a role model for others in these things.

Natural Reserves

The establishment of nature reserves is something very important to preserve the species of organisms from animals, birds, fish and even plants These reserves provide for animals and plants the conditions they need to grow and multiply and thus protect them from extinction and epidemics that may affect them as a result of pollution Vthafez it, is the establishment of nature reserves of responsibility governments, in addition to the role of natural reserves in the preservation of living organisms, they reflect the state interest in nature and objects of living, which is reflected on individuals and their behavior towards nature, and allow natural opportunity for those interested in reserves science environment to conduct studies and research to increase knowledge about nature and objects of living, and reserves the role of the eco-tourism development also, it is important to strengthen these feelings towards the nature of the children in particular can be achieved by escort children in school and family trips to nature reserves to grow their sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Thus, the preservation of the environment is a collective effort and individually at the same time Valtuaah is the responsibility of institutions and individuals alike, personal efforts mentioned in this article is only a point in the sea of ​​what it can do and offer to the environment, protection of the environment requires creativity, innovation and simplicity, but it also requires continue, maintaining, and remember that this is the environment where you live and eat it, the environment was clean and healthy was the air that you breathe and the food you eat and the water we drink healthy.


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