How to prevent air pollution

How to prevent air pollution


  • 1 Prevention of Air Pollution
  • 2 causes of air pollution 2.1 causes of human-induced 2.2 Reasons by nature
  • 2.1 causes of human-induced
  • 2.2 Reasons by nature
  • 3 effects of air pollution on human
  • 4 References

Prevention of Air Pollution

Air is one of the reasons for the continuation of life is very important for all living things, so we must reduce the causes of contamination so as follows pious ways and limit this pollution: [1]

  • The use of public transport: are advised to use public transport instead of using your car, because it helps to reduce the air pollution problem, also recommended to use participation system if shared more than one person to go to a place one instead car to use more than one car, as advised also work periodically to examine the car so as to make sure they do not consume fuel abnormally, which in turn will lead to the reduction of air pollution problem.
  • Dependence on solar energy and the sources of electricity: It is recommended using the energy sources of solar electricity generation because it is considered environmentally friendly and non-polluting them, and are advised to use electricity generators that rely on renewable energy such as wind and hydroelectric power, is also advised to turn off Alkahrbaah devices and lights when you do not need to be used because it reduces of the proportion of air pollution.
  • Minimize the use of oil paint: It is recommended reducing the use of kinds of oil paint because it reduces oil consumption in the home industry, this type of oil, and it may reduce the problem of air pollution, and water is an effective alternative to paint.
  • Agriculture: It is recommended planting more trees and plants because it helps to reduce the air pollution problem.
  • Quit smoking: as well as smoking is a bad habit and harmful to health, the quitting smoking reduces the air pollution problem.
  • Use of batteries that can be shipped: because this leads to a reduction of the use of single-use batteries, which in turn will reduce the air pollution problem.
  • Reduce the use of plastic bags: These bags are made from petroleum materials help to air pollution so it is advisable to use paper bags.

reasons for air polution

There are many reasons that lead to air pollution and these reasons include: [2]

The causes of human-induced

  • Mining, smelting and metal foundry.
  • Disposal of mine waste.
  • Transportation.
  • Construction and demolition operations.
  • The use of coal and fossil fuels.
  • Waste incineration processes.
  • The use of pesticides.

By reasons of nature

  • Volcanic activities.
  • Forest fires.
  • Decomposition of microbes living organisms in the environment.
  • Radioactive decay.
  • High temperatures.

The effects of air pollution on human

Air pollution leads to the death of almost 2.5 million people worldwide each year, as air pollution leads to many diseases such as pneumonia, headache, nausea, and can cause damage to the nervous system in humans, also affects air pollution on the brain, liver, and the rest of the body. [3]


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