How to protect the atmosphere

How to protect the atmosphere


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Protection of the atmosphere

Here are some ways that help protect the atmosphere from pollution, which is as follows: [1]

  • Rating: The person must vote in favor of government policies and plans that contribute to the reduction of air pollution, atmospheric.
  • Less use of cars: the car can be replaced by bicycle or public transportation or walking, which reduces the proportion of pollutants emitted.
  • Use purifiers: help put factories purifiers on the flue to reserve pollutants and reduce acid rain.
  • Products use less fuel-efficient: can be used for cars that do not consume a lot of gasoline, and agricultural machinery working on electricity instead of gas.

Atmospheric pollution

Contaminate the atmosphere because it contains some of the chemical compounds or harmful substances, may result in contamination of serious damage, for example, it is a union of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide sulfur acid rain, greenhouse gas is carbon from the most important causes of climate change oxide, as air pollution leads to damaging health Humans; It is believed that 29,000 deaths in the UK caused by air pollution, as it leads to the injury of Chinese cancer, which is the leading cause of death in the country. [2]

The causes of atmospheric pollution

Of the most important causes of atmospheric pollution include: [3]

  • Volcanoes: The volcanic eruptions of the most important causes of pollution; Which results in large amounts of ash, sulfur, and chlorine that spread in the air by the wind.
  • Fossil fuels: The combustion of fossil fuels and other combustible materials that are used in factories, power plants, waste incinerators and other major causes leading to pollution.
  • Waste generated landfill methane gas, which is flammable greenhouse gases by a very high.


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