How to read the human personality

How to read the human personality


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  • 3.1 Personal narcissism
  • 3.2 Personal Alchukakh
  • 3.3 Personal naive
  • 3.4 Personal harsh

the personality of human

Human personality is defined as a set of behaviors and decisions, feelings and diverse styles of thinking are inherent in human print, and vary these qualities from one person to another, and scholars differed in the analysis of figures every world depended on a particular point of view, Vhll Hippocrates The difference in figures is due to fluid the four vital in the body, namely: blood, material yellow and black of the bitterness and phlegm, and based on this analysis, the bloody figures tend to be optimistic and love, while Albulgmip characters tend not to indifference, Aristotle was adopted in personalities analysis on the contours of the face and body shape, characters come from with weak infrastructure tend to shame, and Darwin adopted in personal analysis on instincts, which helps human survival, Kalgraiz animal, and Sigmund Freud relied on existing between the superego and the lower the person conflict, and considered that the surrounding environment the biggest factor in the personal configuration.

How to read the human personality

Every human being has certain behaviors differ from others, there are those who move his hands, and others move his head, and there are looks deeper than a thousand words, each movement refers to a particular message about the human personality, and here we will review some of the movements and attitudes that can read human personality through which :

  • Tktev Hands: The Tktev hands when sitting or standing, means that a person tends to stay away from others, and seeks to establish a barrier between him and the others.
  • Curvature of the shoulders: the person who is Bhani his shoulder and his head, trying to: Avoid looking at around him. He does not trust himself. Feel depressed. And does not like presence among the people.
  • Avoid looking at around him.
  • He does not trust himself.
  • Feel depressed.
  • And does not like presence among the people.
  • Ankles in close proximity: When you put your ankles in Mtlasq this matter indicates that the person concerned.
  • The head placed between hands with the direction of the head to the bottom: This act indicates that the person feels bored.
  • Placing the hand on the cheek: when the person put his hands on his cheek, it would be in the case and hopes to reflect a deep reflection.
  • Contact with the nose: when you touch your nose or rubbing during the conversation, it shows that the person is lying.
  • Rubbing the eyes: we infer that the person is skeptical and incredibly modern.
  • Stand behind a wall: When a person puts his things in front of him, or standing behind a wall or someone else he is trying to protect himself.
  • The smile kind: show positive and optimism.
  • Broad smile: show artificiality and nervousness.
  • Hands behind the head with interlock feet: a sign of self-confidence, and transcendence over others.
  • Sit with open hands: shows candor and innocence.
  • Put the legs on top of each: move with the two men indicate boredom.
  • Sitting with spacing legs: shows rest and relaxation.
  • Provide hot fluid: when a person provides hot fluid for others it is suggesting that people Mahbbon him.
  • Provide cold fluids: When a person offers cold fluids to others he does not know them and wishes the end of time.
  • Sit down and bend forward: it means a person need to pay attention.
  • Stitched cheek: indicates anger.

Types of human personalities and characteristics

The human personality that determines how to deal with the person, and help to understand his actions and behavior, and multiple human figures, the mismatch:

Personal narcissism

Are personal Amororh very own, and see only advantages, and glorified in the same lot, and consider themselves better than everyone, so you do not see these personal flaws, and the most important signs in his actions:

  • Talking about himself much.
  • Enjoy when directing praise him.
  • Exaggerated talk about his work.
  • Controlled and managed by the group.
  • Angry when exposed to criticism.

Personal Alchukakh

It is a very cautious personality, and lasting anticipation of any deception may happen, and the most important signs in his actions:

  • Creates a problem with others on the most basic reasons.
  • He thinks otherwise bad.
  • Feel sad when exposed to criticism, where he feels that the person who criticized him not trusted.
  • Unburdened in constant thinking about anything happened or whether jokingly talk is serious.

Personal naive

It is a personal lack of experience in social relations, characterized by simplicity, and the reason is due to growing up in a peaceful environment, and the most important signs in his actions:

  • Excess confidence in others.
  • Influenced by the views around it, he has changed his mind and thinking quickly.
  • Frank and sincere dramatically, where rushes to speak without thinking.
  • Tolerant permanently.

Harsh personal

His actions harsh and cynical, and his words, do not take into account the feeling of one, and the most important signs in his actions:

  • The threat is significantly used.
  • Reaction tough with everyone.
  • No one is a very ruthless in the development of sanctions, even though it was a simple mistake.


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