How to speed up the net

How to speed up the net


  • 1 check Internet speed
  • 2 Changing DNS servers
  • 3 change the location of the router
  • 4 other ways to speed up the net
  • 5 References

Check Internet speed

The verification of your Internet speed by logging in to your the provider website, or by phone the supplier of the Internet directly, and make sure the speed of the Internet that is provided to you, and then go to a Web site specialized checks the speed and test speed, to check If the Internet speed is suitable to what you pay against them, and in the case was also slow but, you can use the company equipped to raise the speed. [1]

Changing DNS Servers

You must make a change to the router in case more than one person's Internet network, and the change is made by going to the page directed through the management of the Internet, namely, ( often, and then go to locate the DNS servers option located in the Advanced section check box, and replace DNS addresses recommended addresses, taking into account the old titles recorded to be used as references in the future, and in this form will be updated each device automatically on the router, and thus will increase the speed of Internet browsing. [2]

Change the location of the router

Force affected by the signal routing known device as the router with many things, such as: doors, walls, and screens children and other, which leads to a weakening of the speed of Internet connection, so it is advisable to transfer the router, and put it in place is high, such as a bookshelf. [3]

Other ways to speed up the net

Many methods are available to speed up the Internet, including: [3]

  • Setting a password to protect Wi-Fi penetration by going to the router settings, enter the IP address of the web browser, and then log in using the user name and password are present on the router, and then pressing the Reset Password option, and enter the new password, and save the changes.
  • Clean your computer applications and unused programs, which affect the speed of the Internet.
  • Use adapter increases the signal strength of the router.


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