How to use the pomegranate peel Lye

How to use the pomegranate peel Lye


  • 1 pomegranate peel
  • 2 prepare pomegranate peel
  • 3 Use pomegranate peel Lye
  • 4 Benefits and uses of pomegranate peel

Pomegranate peel

No less important pomegranate peel from the juice and pomegranate seeds, it is rich in the largest amount of benefits compared to seeds and juice, it contains thanks to the huge amount of oxidation antagonists, so he has a special in the world of the importance of folk medicine.

Prepare pomegranate peel

  • Peel some pomegranate seeds are taken, and must ensure that the pomegranate was cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides and hormones.
  • Cut to cut child, after getting rid of the white pulp; Because it is very Murar, and left in the sun to dry completely.
  • Dry grinding Chaff until it becomes soft Kalboudrh, and preserves either in capsules, or in a clean and sterile tray, and sealed.

Use pomegranate peel Lye

  • Blends the amount of pomegranate peel powder with water, and rinse its own genital areas before sexual intercourse, it is possible to boil pomegranate peel and rinse mild genital Bamola areas.
  • Lotion for the hair to treat scalp problems.
  • Grain pomegranate peel, and is preparing to mix eight tablespoons of pomegranate peel powder, with a tablespoon of rock salt, a tablespoon of rock salt, and mix a little water, even form small grains, and these pills are taken three times a day, and this method for the treatment of organ diseases of the digestive .
  • Paste to clean teeth, and enters the installation of toothpaste.
  • Drink by adding five grams of pomegranate peel powder to a cup of water.

Benefits and uses of pomegranate peel

  • The body rid of toxins thanks to contain antioxidants.
  • Rich in antioxidants with anti-working to fight cancer cells, it also protects against diseases of cancer, especially skin cancer.
  • Delay the appearance of aging signs of wrinkles, so it protects collagen from collapse, and stimulates the skin to produce Albrookolajin, it also provides moisture Allaomh skin.
  • Eliminates dandruff, stimulates hair growth and strengthens, as it activates the session in the scalp, and save them from dead cells.
  • Effective treatment for cough and sore throat, as it accelerates the growth process, and the healing of wounds, and maintains healthy teeth, bones and cartilage, and protects the skin from the form of scars.
  • It maintains the cleanliness of both teeth and mouth, as it concludes the mouth of the bad smell, and through him gurgling.
  • Limits and treats diarrhea thanks to the bitterness Holding, which also dealt with dysentery.
  • Handles frequent urination, it also controls the bleeding of acute menstrual cycle, and by eating a spoon of it twice a day.
  • Resist disease, hemorrhoids, and limits Nzifa, so by eating eight grams of powder Chaff daily.


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