How wax scented

How wax scented


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Is a wax one of the products that are widely used all over the world, and is characterized by its presence in abundance, as well as its price is cheap, except for being lends an air of romance and tranquility of the place, which is placed in it, and can make the wax scented in the house forms, smells and colors desired and easy way, by following the steps described in the following. [1]

How wax scented

Materials: Materials: [2]

  • The amount of wax is white scented, as needed.
  • Fuse special wax.
  • Pigment colors, as desired.
  • Hot water.
  • Spoon of wood.
  • a brush.
  • Little of the desired flavor to it.
  • Cans of plastic required forms.
  • plastic cups.
  • Molds for wax, desired shapes and sizes, where you can use Balokwab plastic and cans.
  • The Aan Madenaan of large and small sizes.
  • Soap-free perfume liquid.
  • Aromatic oil-free alcohol smell desired.
  • Wooden sticks medium length.

Can work the wax scented through the following: [3]

  • Hot water pour in a large-sized metal saucepan.
  • Place the saucepan over medium heat, and allow it to boil.
  • Place a small amount over the hot water in the large amount, the work of a water bath.
  • Cut the wax into very small pieces, and then put it in a small amount.
  • Leave the wax until it melts completely and turns into a liquid.
  • Lift the large amount of fire.
  • Move the wax found in so much good to make sure the amount of melting wax.
  • Add a small amount of dye, or colored wax melted in the pot.
  • The heart of a good mixture of wooden spoon until Etjans color with wax.
  • Add a little of the essential oil to the mixture in a small amount.
  • Move the ingredients well until the oil is mixed with all the amount of scented wax.

How colored wax

Colored wax can be done through the following: [2]

  • Dissolve the wax as in the previous method.
  • Pour the liquid wax in a number of bowls or plastic cups.
  • Add essential oil on each of the plastic cups.
  • Add character you want on each pot of plastic containers.
  • Place the brush in a little liquid soap.
  • Anoint templates that will be poured wax where brushing Almgamsh in the liquid soap so do not stick to the wax out.
  • Cut the appropriate wax fuse sizes.
  • Tighten each fuse wooden stick, and then install it accidentally on templates, so each fuse hanging in the molds used for wax.
  • Pour the liquid wax in the cups, and even a little wax Bore is extracted from it air bubbles.
  • Leave the wax to dry in the room and coheres, and it becomes solid.
  • Turn the template on the head, then beaten lightly even blow the wax steel come down without breaking.


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