How white vinegar industry

How white vinegar industry

Uses a lot of people's daily lives and vinegar in abundance, and so what is characterized by its many benefits, some of which are therapeutic and which is used as a spice for meat and poultry, and gives some of the sour taste and is used in salads substitute for lemon.

Vinegar contains many of the big benefits of the body, as it works to regulate blood circulation in the body, addresses the second diabetes and some types of cancer and strengthens the body's immune system and strengthens the bones and joints a condition that is not taken on an empty stomach so you do not get stomach damage from strength, and treats the entire skin problems and acne handles and cleans the skin.

Therefore, we will provide a way to prepare natural vinegar at home and which contains the original interest and real vinegar n and vinegar, get a higher interest rate you follow the way to prepare the vinegar hill.

Ingredients necessary to prepare the vinegar at home

Beads of medium-sized apples.

  • Half a liter of pure water.
  • Tablespoon of vinegar yeast.
  • Empty bottle clean made of plastic or pottery.

How to prepare

  • Bring apples and Ngzle and go without disarming any part of it without Hnzaa seeds and peels and do anything.
  • Keep cutting the apple bottle and add them water.
  • Keep yeast with apple vinegar and water and close well the pot.
  • Keep the bottle directed to the sun for ten days.
  • Then turn the vinegar and apple pieces and then leave it open for a period of fifteen days to expel alcohol and then saves and used directly.

Sometimes difficult to secure yeast and vinegar so as not to Twagdal in abundance in the market, but rather exist factories that make vinegar Zllk can not be obtained easily, we will provide you to make way yeast vinegar at home.

How to prepare yeast vinegar

Possible to add a piece of dry bread and a little sugar with a little vinegar factory and so we get the leaven of vinegar, and the second method is to add the amount of sugar to the vinegar and save it for a period of fifteen Aomas then we will notice the presence of a layer of yeast are cut and reservation and enough for years of use.


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