Human damage caused to the planet that

Human damage caused to the planet that


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  • 2 ways to preserve the planet
  • 3 About Planet Earth
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Human damage caused to the planet that

Recall Here are some of the damage and human problems caused by the planet that: [1]

  • Deforestation: caused deforestation many damage to the planet, such as: destroying the habitat of animals, increasing the risk of soil erosion, and reduced levels of oxygen, which leads to increased greenhouse gases, where resort to deforestation because of the problem of the population growing, where involves the removal of areas of forest to build the largest cities and homes, as well as the provision of construction resources.
  • Pollution: various human activities in the emission of harmful substances into the air and polluted cause, where cause air pollution health problems and harm the animal and plant life, and lead waterways and contamination of soil pollution to damage such as the proliferation of harmful algae in the ocean, acid rain, and environmental degradation, which comes of various industrial chemicals and human waste.
  • Climate change and global warming: causes the extraction of fossil fuel consumption and to carbon dioxide emissions, which contributes to global climate change and lead to the deterioration of the ozone layer in the earth, where the consumption of fossil fuels is one of the most harmful roads and affecting land.

Ways to preserve the planet

Recall Here are some ways that can be followed to keep the planet: [2]

  • Use of renewable energy systems more.
  • The use of sustainable agriculture technology more.
  • Use green fireplaces to promote the use of clean air.
  • Building the ability to adapt to climate change and raise awareness.
  • Work on the organization of campaigns to plant trees and to facilitate reforestation.

About Planet Earth

Recall Here are some information about Planet Earth: [3]

  • Earth is the most dense planet in the solar system.
  • It produces the tide on the ground because of gravity between the Earth and the moon.
  • The atmosphere of the planet from 78% of the nitrogen is made up, and 21% of oxygen, in addition to a small amount of carbon gases and argon.
  • The magnetic field of the planet is very strong.
  • Water represents 70% of the Earth's surface.
  • The summit of Mount Everest represents the highest point on the planet and a height of 8.8 km.
  • Earth's rotation is slowing down gradually.
  • Through the process of bio-generated (in English: Abiogenesis) in ocean development occurred first life on Earth.
  • Land containing layer is protected from the harmful rays of the sun is called the ozone layer.


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