Ideas for a surprise birthday holiday

Ideas for a surprise birthday holiday


  • Memories 1 Fund
  • 2 pack recipes family kitchen
  • 3 camping or going on a picnic
  • 4 working Massage
  • 5 makeup and a Night Skin Care
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Memories Fund

Was on holiday birthday gift new of its kind as a fund memories can surprise any, can be prepared this gift by getting a wooden box beautifully plated, and attaching pictures holder birthday inside the box and add a greeting card to them, fill the box with pictures and memories of its own. [1 ]

Tray recipes family kitchen

Can be used recipes cooking and special characteristic of a family member in the work of a surprise gift, by printing a recipes on paper, adhesive, cutting sticker paper into small pieces so that each part contains a part of the recipe, and then remove the cover from scraps label and glued carefully in the box, taking care not to leave air spaces inside. [1]

Camping or going on a picnic

Can surprise his birthday by taking him for a walk to the lake or the park or the beach and spend the whole day together, with drinks and dishes favorite, or by going camping with the first careful to hire a suitable tent and pay camping fees, and enjoy the monument tent together Pyrolysis fire and Shui food. [2]

Massage work

Can massage foot be a great gift, to be presented very nicely, if the soak includes feet your body lotion and essential oil in salt, then Tdenma special, wet made of 1/8 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup sugar and half a teaspoon of honey. [2 ]

Makeup and Skin Care Group Night

This gift suitable for ladies and girls, and consists of a group night skin care and other things that you need Ms. for herself and her beauty care, with the order of all these products in one with a basket of appropriate size and shape of a suitable and easy to carry in order to be able to carry with it any place you go. [ 3]


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