Indigestion and gas

Indigestion and gas


  • 1 indigestion and gas 1.1 causes indigestion 1.2 symptoms of indigestion and gas 1.3 Treatment of indigestion and gas 1.4 natural recipes Alah indigestion
  • 1.1 causes indigestion
  • 1.2 symptoms of indigestion and gas
  • 1.3 Treatment of indigestion and gas
  • 1.4 natural recipes to treat indigestion

Indigestion and gas

The body is exposed to many of the problems that bother him and spoil his days and his life, and perhaps digestive problems related to eating certain foods of the main problems besetting human, and is considered indigestion and gases of the leading causes of distress that the human face and the multiple causes of this temporary condition, and feel the injured evacuated pain the bulge in the stomach and abdomen scattered human organs, and feel the difficulty in the output and do not digest food in the stomach in addition to the feeling of burning, and in this article we will expand to mention information about the causes of indigestion and treatment in detail.

The causes of indigestion

  • Eat and drink excessively and large.
  • Speed ​​and not slow down when eating.
  • Anxiety.
  • Taking iron supplements.
  • Smoking.
  • Eating fatty and spicy foods rich in fat.
  • Smoking.

Symptoms of indigestion and gas

  • Discomfort and sit at the movement.
  • Feeling sick.
  • Swelling of the upper part of the abdomen.
  • A feeling of fullness for a long time and the inability to eat more food.

Treatment of indigestion and gas

  • Split large three meals into smaller meals.
  • Avoid drinks containing caffeine.
  • Avoid taking certain medications and drugs except in accordance with a doctor's prescription.
  • The practice of various types of exercise that rid the body of fat and grease burns and lead to the disposal of waste, toxins and digested food.
  • Taking prescription drugs, a drug equivalent to the acidity within the stomach, in addition to antibiotics that kill bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and indigestion.
  • Avoid sources of anxiety and stress and psychological pressure as it is an important factor of flatulence factors and indigestion.

Natural recipes to treat indigestion

  • Ginger: through a hot drink boiled and where he works to activate the muscles in the stomach's ability to digest faster and more efficiently, which helps digestion.
  • Orange peel: through chewing as it is used as a treatment for ulcers that affect the stomach, it also improves the appetite, and increases gastric juices secretions easily digested and quickly removes in pain and suffering, and it is recommended attendance if the problem persists.
  • Constituent power dishes of cucumbers and tomatoes, which contain very high amounts of fiber known high ability to facilitate digestion and soften the intestine.
  • Eating red pepper that opens the appetite and facilitates digestion slices.
  • Pineapple juice by drinking before eating foods and fatty foods helps to efficiently and easily digested.


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